Monday, August 14, 2017

White Conservative Domestic Terrorists strike again, 3 dead and 19 wounded, Worse Than Benghazi.

The first thing to recognize about the Domestic Terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a brave young woman lost her life fighting Nazis on American soil.  And two LEOs died as a result of the actions of a cadre of conservative traitors and nazis; The TeaKKKi Party.

Next, demand a congressional inquiry into the events leading up to and during the gathering of violent anti-american white supremacists.  Why was a permit granted to them initially when the list of attendees included all manner of right-wing domestic terrorist groups before it was rescinded?  Why did the Police not monitor the broadcast on-line for additional right-wing fascists to descend?  Why were neighboring police departments not tasked with providing QREF in case of trouble?  Why was the State Police not notified and placed on high alert and checking for outside agitators coming in?

Now, it has been pointed out repeatedly on various social media platforms the Police response to rallies involving Africian-Americans or #blacklivesmatter are always greeted with overwhelming force and military grade equipment, while the police in several instances during the White Riot apparently did not intervene, even as women were beaten by conservative criminals.  I was not on the ground and do not know the micro-tactical situation but, the questions are why did the Police either show up without a proper response plan in place or without the proper assets?

White Conservative Domestic Terrorists have conducted numerous attacks on U.S. soil and have been emboldened by the tacit and overt support from Republicans in Congress, Statehouses, Faux News, and now the White House.  Conservatives have increasingly been radicalized into a Reactionary Paramilitary force with the approval of high-ranking Republicans and conservatives in the media.
What this amounts to is no less than a Coup d'etat and an attempt to turn the United States into a Right-Wing Fascist Plutocracy.

Never Forget using vehicles as weapons in the United States have been a tradition of right-wing domestic terrorists and far from being inspired by Islamic extremeists this latest attack was inspired by other Conservatives and Republican Lawmakers.

As protests against police brutuality escalated over the repeated unconstitutional execution of black men by Police Officers, Republican "Lawmakers "in various states attempted to pass legislation making it legal to run over people in the roadway.  Pause and reflect on that.  In multiple states, Republicans attempted to make it legal to run over and murder someone with your car for the act of getting in your way.

Conservative asshole and Law School professor Glenn Reynolds wrote last year, "Run them Down".  Reynolds one of the first big right-wing blogger types has always advocated for the murdering of Americans whose political affiliation he dislikes.

Conservative Domestic Terrorists are waiting, aching, yearning for Traitor Trump to give them the go ahead to begin slaughtering Americans.  Conservatives believe they have a Casus Belli (a cause or event to justify war) whenever, they sputter their "Whataboutisms" containing the names President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or George Soros.

Conservatives long ago declared war on America.  They hoped with the election of more and more Reactionary Republicans; from the Arch-Criminal Dick Nixon, to the alzheimer addled Ronnie Raygun, to W(orst POTUS Ever), to the ultimate distallation of conservative thought and emotion, the Alt-Reich Traitor Trump himself, would allow them to perversely install the unholy evil conservative agenda of intolerance, oppression, and worship of the rich into "Law".  But, Conservatives have been stymied by the #Resistance and a strong united Democratic Party.

Of course, it should be noted the goals of rank-and-file conseravtives are different than the Republican Party, which serves as the Guard Dogs of the Plutocracy but, the Republicans often throw more than enough red meat to their conservative drones to keep them satiated.  However, as it becomes more and more likely the conservative dream of a White Power Government will be thwarted conservative domestic terrorists will turn more and more to violent methods and means.

The NRA has already volunteered several times to be the Vanguard of an overthrow of the Untied States and the rounding up and murdering of liberals, feminists, minorities, immigrants and everyone else Traitor Trump and his 63 million Nazi followers deem enemies.

Exterminate the Brutes has been the unofficial motto of the GOP for decades now and multiple generations of conservatives have been raised on fascism but, conservatives haven't been this openly fascist since World War II.  However, conservatives know they have a staunch ally in the White House and his Executive staff is replete with fellow fascist travellers and white supremacists.  Traitor Trump can no more denounce the TeaKKKi Party than he can denounce himself; They are Him.

Right-Wing treason and conservative domestic terrorism is now the number one threat to the United States of America.


One Fly said...

Yup - for sure all of that!

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,
Conservatives have already ramped up the propaganda effort to confuse this incident. 4Chan and te Gateway Pundit as well as Breitbart claimed it was a left-wing dope smoker, Alex Jones declared the flags he saw were false, and Breitbart demanded Governor McAuliffe to denounce Antifa, and admitted the gun humping right-wing terrorists had too much firepower to confront when the Conservatives began breaking multiple laws.