Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Everyone at Charlottesville was a Leftist

"The fucking jew-lovers are gassing us," - Faux News interviewed a white guy who must have been a liberal.
It's important to note that according to received conservative wisdom all parties involved in the Charlottesville incident are Democrats, the DNC, or the alt-left.

According Jonah Golberg's semen all work Liberal Fascism and D'inesh D'Criminal's flatulent opus, The Big Lie, properly understood all Nazis are Liberals.

Additionally, since the diminutive Nazi stands for National Socialism, all those violent neo-nazis in Virginia were really Bernie Sanders supporting Progressives.

Furthermore,  every conservative online can recite that the Klan are Democrats, because Robert Byrd Q.E.D., therefore all the klan supporting white supremacists wearing pleated chinos, white polos, and red #MAGA hats are really Democrats.

Richard Spencer, who shouted Heil Trump last November is really a liberal.  The protesters defending Robert E. Lee are all members of the Democrat Party.

Facing these ardent leftists and Democrats was the alt-left, a group made up of DNC operatives who released HRC emails to Russia to discredit Trump but, didn't understand the backlash amongst non-racists because the Klan, Stormfront, Neo-Nazis, and every racist white supremacist is a liberal who voted for Barack Obama!

So this was a civil war between the Left and the Left.

Of course,  what this really shows is conservatives have been engaged in a decades long  campaign of shameless lying and despicable propaganda efforts to pretend their base is not domestic terrorists, racists, bigots, and Neo-Nazis.  Conservatives are Traitors and Criminals and represent the gravest danger to the United States and the World.


Vixen Strangely said...

Re: Dinesh D'SPuza and his idiotic recent ouvre, I scatalogically depicted him this way:

But D'Souza is firmly ensconced in hind-titterati land, anyway--after all, writing something with the title "The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left" is pretty explicitly recycling Jonah Goldberg's drool through a badly-abused sweat sock. I'd worry after his health if he gave me reasons to give a shit.

But then again, this was a guy who went from talking down President Obama as an anti-British Colonialist Kenyan to trying to promote himself as being the same sort of jailed anti-colonialist force as a Gandhi or Mandela, when every bit of his previous intellectual output might as well have been summed up as "Colonialism: It is my bag, Baby!"

As for Goldberg, I have always wondered by he didn't do the appropriately lazy (ie: far less intellectual effort on his part) thing and just written a book called: "Leftists Have A Stalinist Problem." He'd at least have been barking up the right economic tree, and his examples would have sat better. As it is, we have the unironic image of the KKK and neo-Nazis literally calling what they do: "Uniting the Right", whilst Fox and friends have to defend them, and also pretend this is somehow the Left's fault. Because apparently, if you call people Nazis, and they feel bad--they will have to Nazi harder. I'm not sure, maybe this is in the rule book. But I think they are full of shit.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes, it's unironic but par for the course Faux News and the rightwing media HAVE to ignore the Unite the Right oeuvre.

Goldberg, after inheriting his position from his mother, shrewdly knew his fact-free tome would be held aloft by generations of conservatives as proof Nazis are Liberals.

And since Nazi has socialism in its name its as if the name itself is has power.  Conservatives seem entranced by names and  to believe in 15th century magic or watched Beetlejuice too many times.  But, it always amuses me when rightwing nutjobs look perplexed  when I ask them if the gootball team from Chicago fields Grizzlies and Pandas.

Dervish Sanders said...

Their lies are so stupid. I recently conversed with someone calling himself "Beantown AntiFascist". He kept referring to the DemoKKKrats and DemoKKKrats being Nazis. Clearly a Right-Wing sockpuppet.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Dervish Sanders,

It's a sign of insane brilliance that conservatives demand defense of their heritage andtheir history with regards to their statues of Confederate Arch-Traitors who attacked the United States in defense of Slavery while at the same time declaring the DemocRATS the true slave owners...