Monday, August 28, 2017

Under Republican Governments American cities Drown, Hurricanes hate Republicans

New Orleans in 2005 under W(orst Potus Ever) and now Houston in 2017 under Traitor Trump.  Hurricanes obviously know when Republicans are in control of the Federal Government and punish the American people for such ignorant choices.

9 Trillion gallons of water, 50 inches of rain has turned Houston's highways into rives and lakes, and submerged the entire area.

Traitor Trump, not to be outdone by Bush's stumblin', rumblin', bumblin' response to Katrina, took to Twitter to boast about how under him "experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood!"

Who brags about the size of their Hurricane?  Someone's whose attention span is as big as their weenie.  Because afterwards Traitor Trump took time away from his disaster in Texas to push criminal David Clarke's, the infamous bling wearing dress up phony Sheriff, new book.

Many people, mostly poor, are going to suffer tremendously.  Compounding it will be the Republicans government of Texas and the gross incompentence of the Trump misadministration.  Expect shameless hypocrisy as the two Senators from Texas John Coryn and Ted Cruz, who  voted against emergency relief for Hurricane Sandy but, of course demand it for Texas.  Right-wing shared sacrifice means others suffer and sacrifice to fulfill the courage of conseravtive convictions.

Additionally, the 2005 disater in New Orleans under Republicans spawned a whole plethora of right-wing mythology to fuel their rampant bigotry about the lack of bootstrappin' gumption of those people.  Expect conservatives to craft whole new myths about the power of capitalism saving all the Texas whites with its' invisible hand.

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