Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Military accidents, Dead US Servicemembers, and Trump Don't Care; conservatives love lies and hate America

Traitor Trump has declared the intention of American colonization in Afghanistan.  While dishonest media outlets like the FTF New York Times and Zero Hedge are still addicted to the concept of Killary Clinton and believe Donald Trump is a dove who will never involve the United States into foreign wars, the truth is and always has been, Trump will use the military capriciously and with little regard to the destruction wrought upon the bodies, minds and souls of the American families least of all to those poor people in countries he whimsically decides to bomb.

Already this year, there have been 4 Naval accidents, under the Trump Misadministration; two of the accidents on June 17th and August 21st resulted in multiple deaths.  Additionally, several helicopter crashes, an Army SOC on August 15th and two Marine Corps helicopter crashes one on August 3rd and another a month ago on July10th, have claimed the lives of US service members under Trump's watch.  Donald Trump hasn't been bothered to comment on these incidents as he is busy defending his voters; Neo-Nazis and Bigots.  Trump Don't Care.

Ghoulish conservatives would at this point under President Obama declared this a crisis of leadership, a result of Obama's Lead from Behind Strategy, demand Congressional hearings and be yammering for Impeachment.  Under Trump the only discussion thus far anywhere in the Right-Wing media has been Faux News bringing on noted asshole Ralph Peters to blame Barack Obama.

But, under President Trump? Silence.  A shameful silence of a political system and its' adherents who have nothing to offer the United States or the World.  Conservatism is treason in defense of power and power for the sake of advancing their agenda of oppression and intolerance.

Conservatives have no moral center.  Conservatives have no set beliefs other than pissing off liberals. In fact, conservatives do not adhere to any of their so-called values and beliefs.  Conservatives love lies and hate America


W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene - your last paragraph encapsulates why these Stormtrumpers relate to him; he frees them to exhibit their pure sociopathic, authoritarian id. As fellow sociopaths, they have no ethical or moral center just like Trump, and their only belief system is that Trump must be followed blindly (and as one of their t-shirt slogans put it, "Fuck your feelings").

Grung_e_Gene said...

W. Hackwhacker,

If you persue conservative opinion columns, right-wing internet sites, and conservative facebook feeds, it's a non-stop deluge of propaganda crafted explicitly and intenationally to keep them in a state of arousal; an agitated state of anger and hatred. Personally, I think we are screwed, I can not imagine a way to combat this. The propaganda is too free flowing, too steady, and too voluminous to counter.

Storm Trumpers are on the cusp of massive country-wide violence, all it would take is a presser by Trumpenfurher himself to give them the go ahead.