Friday, August 25, 2017

Conservatives don't give a damn about members of the military

"That's too bad..." - Donald Trump's only thoughts when asked about the latest military disaster under his leadership.
Why is the Media silent about all these Military Deaths under Traitor Trump?  I know why the conservative media world is silent, Thou shalt not say anything bad about Republicans, is their over-riding mantra.

Conservative media exists to complain and complain and complain, until the lamestream media feels obligated or brow-beaten into covering whatever right-wing bugbear the conservative media has concocted.

Additionally, right-wing media serves to "catapult the propaganda" to their drones to keep conservatives in a constant state of agitation and angry arousal, stroking the conservative ego while inflaming the right-wing id.

However, I suppose the media is too busy covering Trump's illegal collaboration with Russia, Trump's dalliance and alliance with Neo-Nazis, and Trump's threats to sitting U.S. Senators, plus documenting Trump's 1000 lies (a rate of 4.6 per day), to offer the proper coverage of Trump and the Republican Party's reckless mismanagement of the military.

I have no desire to use the dead bodies of members of the military to advance my political beliefs.  But, I'm not going to sit and allow conservatives to continue to claim the mantle of patriotism, especially since conservatives allegiance is to the Arch-Traitors of the Confederacy.

Conservatives don't give a shit about the military.  Conservatives don't care about soliders, sailors, airmen and Marines in harm's way.  Conservatives don't support the Troops.  Conservatives use the military to advance their agenda and hold their phony patriotism up as a cudgel to frighten elected officials.

If right-wing radio, Faux News, and the on-line conservative lunatics on blogs, websites, and facebook covered these numerous incidents the way they did Benghazi, then I would rescind my statements.  But, it's been silence.  A disgusting silence as the gross incompetence of Trump and the willful neglect of the Republican Party which controls the entire Federal Government has cost members of the military their lives.  Trump's incompetence has cost Americans their lives and Conservatives. Don't Care.

The Republican bureaucrats ensconced in Washington DC only care about advancing their agenda of crushing the American working class, eliminating all controls and regulations on Corporate malfeasance, swindling Social Security and Medicare, and enacting tax cuts for the 1% to create a permanent stratification of the United States, effectively ending the American Dream.

And Conservatives only care about pissing off liberals.  If that means abandoning all of their so-called values; well conservatives long ago decided to jettison anything resembling morality for the chance to yell, Suck it, Libtard!  So of course, conservatives don't care the sailors, soliders, Marines killed under Trump's reckless negligence, Traitor Trump is President and liberals are angry, that's all they care about.

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