Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Deplorable Right-Wing Response to Heather Heyer's murder and the Conservative Domestic Terrorist gathering in Charlottesville is exactly as despicable as expected

Denial, Obfuscation, False Equivalency, Both Sides, and outright lying.

Disgraced war criminal Allen West wrote a column which included all the right-wing bugaboos designed to provide conservatives ammunition for their "Whataboutisms".  After starting his missive on the terrorist attack with a humble-brag of him receiving an award in Arizona.  The despicable West spent another two paragraphs referencing the beautiful scenery, Rahm Emmanuel, and BLM.  Eventually, West gets around to being very sad Heather Heyer was murdered by a right-wing terrorist and declares he wants James Alex Fields Jr. to be put to death.  Conservatives are more than willing to sacrifice a good soldier because he is just a pawn, in the right-wing efforts to dismiss this incident and move along with their agenda of intolerance and oppression.

No right-wing terrorist attack would be complete until the dumbest man on the internet, Jim Hoft the Gateway Pundit, immediately blaming THE LEFT and continuing his campaign of lies by declaring the driver was "An Anti-Trump Protestor" and "DUDE HIT THE WRONG CROWD".

Not to be outdone white power buffoon Chuck C. Johnson continued his track record of deranged lying and irresponsible "reporting" by conducting a VIN search of Dodge Challengers and then outing a Michigan man as being responsible, declaring him a "An Anti-Trump open borders druggie".

4Chan and other right-wing sites teased their rabid followers by declaring they had uncovered the true identity of the attacker, a leftist, outed his facebook page and tacitly instructed their drones to bombard him with the usual litany of misspelled death threats.

Ann Althouse decided it was too soon to know for sure if the white criminal in custody was the same person pictured in the white power riot.  Because white men are always just immature scamps not hard-core thugs like those people.  Not to be outdone, blog commentators parsed the video frame-by-frame exonerating the conservative criminal because every on-line right-wing blog commentator is a video analysis expert.

Alex Jones only salutes one flag and that is a False one.  But, the more despicable right-wing sites took it upon themselves to attack Heather Heyer using the typical conservative reaction of insulting, demeaning, and spitting upon the dead.  Using and abusing the dead is cornerstone upon which modern American Conservatism is built.

These lies serve a distinct purpose.  Right-Wingers craft multiple lies so that when one or two or more are debunked, discredited, or disproven another 10 conservative lies have take it's place.  It's a strategy that's worked in many propaganda endeavors the right has undertaken.

Couple this with the incessant attempts from "many sides" to adhere to the Both Sides Do It narrativethe right-wing mantra false equivalency (e.g. KKK and BLM are same) and then always, always, always declaring the suspect is actually a leftist, right-wing liars know some portion of the deluded and duped conservative base will never believe the truth.

And the Truth is Conservatism is Terrorism and Violence; The United States is faced with it's biggest threat since W(orst POTUS Ever) ignored DEEP STATE warnings Bin Laden planning to conduct terrorist attacks on U.S. Soil in August 2001; the growing cancer of conservative domestic terrorism is rapidly metastasizing into a massive tumor.  Everywhere on-line, on right-wing talk radio, plastered in newspaper opinion letters conservatives let it be known they have a yearning deep down in their shriveled loins to begin murdering liberals.

Because the 63 million who voted for second-place Trump are not all Neo-Nazis, Bigots, and Plutocrats but, they are more than willing to let a small vanguard of conservative terrorists and criminals foment violence in their name and have expressed their willingness to shut down the Press, if it keeps criticizing Traitor Trump, and over 50% of conservatives are willing to suspend ALL future elections.

This goes well beyond Donald Trump and his ownership by Russia.  Conservatives have been aching to use their 2nd Amendment Remedies, to begin Civil War 2.0 for a long time.  Many, right-wingers have stated the first shots of it have already been fired.  Republicans encouraged this right-wing anger and coddled incidents of right-wing violence.  Now, criminal conservatives feel emboldened.

So, when the FBI arrests a III Precenter and right-wing domestic terrorist Jerry Drake Varnell, as he attempts to emulate Timothy McVeigh and explode a 1000lb Truck Bomb in Oklahoma, understand  conservatives are terrorists who hate America and are going to keep ramping up the violence.

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