Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guns! And Slaves! And how to eliminate them both.

Paranoia's got no hold on me - Anthrax, Time
Last weekend, thousands of people, many holding signs with names of gun violence victims and messages such as "Ban Assault Weapons Now"  and "Stop the NRA" joined a rally for gun control on Saturday, marching from the Capitol to the Washington Monument.

Of course, sane rational Americans, alliteratively called Gun Grabbers, outnumber the Gun Nuts by the Millions but the Gun Crazies are loud and violent.

The Internet Gun Crazies will not be bargained with nor dissuaded. No evidence, no number of dead children, no facts about the proliferation of guns and the causal link to gun homicide and gun violence will every move them. Debate them if you wish, but, it's best to ignore the Gun Nutters and Trolls. However, if, as is their wont, they send you veiled or unveiled threats report them to Law Enforcement.

The Second Amendment was designed by the Founders to allow Slave Owners to oppress and kill their property and put down Slave revolts.

Today, Slavery is alive and well. The American people are held in bondage to the Gun Industry. The chief apologist and lobbyist is the NRA. The NRA methodology has been to cultivate a state of panic and paranoia that without a gun you're going to get robbed, raped and killed in America. There's also the Gun Industry taunt that without a big gun you aren't a man.

The fact is the proliferation of guns is driving homicide, deaths and injuries in this country. We are awash in firearms. 300,000,000 at least.

The NRA, Gun Nuts, and the Gun Manufacturers especially, don't want any discussion of guns. Their Republican stooges have blocked the CDC from studying gun violence because you can't let the public know how many lives are destroyed by guns.

Gun Nuts also get mad when anyone points out that other Gun Crazies are broadcasting their intent to murder Americans with their guns. Or when a Murderer guns down an innocent person who accidentally and innocently drove onto his driveway because the NRA and Faux News have told the Gun Nuts that every brown skinned person is a potential terrorist.

One of the key flaws in NRA and Gun Crazies "thinking" is that the conclusion is that because of the 2nd Amendment we can have no restrictions or limitations on weapon ownership. If a 14 year old wants bring a piece to school to "protect himself" from bullies. I don't see an age limit in the 2nd Amendment.

If Gayle Trotter wants to argue before the US Senate that AR-15's aren't enough firepower to take on the 3-6 hardened criminals who are attacking mothers everywhere in the United States and wants to add a Colt M203 to the weapon for launching 40mm grenades then what part of a "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED??!?!??!??" don't you Gun Grabbers understand?

That interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is Not Rational nor ConstitutionalFormer Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger, a conservative appointed to Chief Justice by Richard Nixon, said of  the idea that the second amendment confers an individuals right to own a gun, 
"the second amendment has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, ever perpetrated on the American public by an interest group in my lifetime."
Even the two most recent SCOTUS cases of McDonald v. Chicago and District of Columbia v. Heller included majority decisions which stated the Right-to-Bear-Arms is not unlimited.

Nonetheless, the way to get rid of Guns is to go after the Gun Makers and the Gun Industry. They have flooded the nation with 300,000,000 weapons. Until we stem the flow of weapons all of our efforts will be the equivalent of digging out from an avalanche.

We need to treat them as we would Heroin producers and Drug Lords. The Gun Industry is a Drug Cartel and their product is having a worse impact on Society than Heroin.

But, make no mistake the NRA's arguments aren't the Protection from Tyranny bullshit spewed by the racist chicken hawk cowards who want to murder blacks, "leftists" and everyone they perceive to have taken their country from them.

Wayne LaPierre's two main proposals to curb gun violence were the most intrusive Big Government idea since Prohibition. LaPierre wants a Federal Database documenting every possible American's medical problems and want armed Government Workers patrolling every School in the Nation.

Of course, the Gun Crazies ignore this because the NRA has so duped them that they would support the biggest tyrannical over-reach of Government because Right-Wingers love Slavery..

But, while it makes little sense to go after law-abiding Gun Owners because we shouldn't, proliferation makes any sort of Weapon confiscation impossible. Of course, every time there's another Gun Massacre, get Republicans on record defending the right of the Murderer to have his weapons. 

Such as when the Republicans defended the rights of Criminals and those on the FBI's Terrorist Watch List to buy as many weapons as they want and not be burdened with those pesky background checks.

So, by focusing on Gun Makers we can force Republicans to reveal that they and the NRA don't care about Americans or the Constitution and are owned by the Gun Industry while merely interested in keeping the flow of money to the coffers of the Gun Industry. Republicans don't represent the United States. They are the Party of the Old South Risen Again.

As such, the Republicans have taken to looking back to the Constitution. Not the US Constitution but the Confederate States of America version;
Language promoting "the general welfare" was omitted, while the right to own slaves was explicitly guaranteed although foreign slave trade was forbidden). 
To guarantee Southerners their much-desired states' rights, the federal government had no authority to levy protective tariffs, make internal improvements, or overrule state court decisions, while states had the right to sustain their own armies and enter into separate agreements with one another, and were given greater power in amending the constitution.
Nullification and State's Rights are vogue for Right-Wingers once more.
From the Mississippi governor to lawmakers in Texas, Missouri and Wyoming, even local sheriffs in Oregon and Kentucky, many of those who oppose the president's proposal believe it is within their legal right to not only refuse to enforce federal legislation, but to make it a crime for a federal agent to try and enforce the law in their states.
Senator Chuck Grassley and Undead Ann Coulter both have pushed racist bullshit that conforms to the bullshit prejudices of Right-Wing Dupes, Tea Party Terrorists and Gun Crazies by declaring gun violence is "black violence on blacks". Because the Republicans are the Party of Bigots and Racists.

But, while I am for a strict Originalist Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, Gun Nuts can have as many muzzle loading Blunderbusses and cutlasses as they desire, We, the People have to deal with the real world problems caused by the proliferation of firearms.

So, start by removing the indemnity George W(orst President Ever) Bush and the Republicans granted Gun Manufacturers and Sellers have against law suits. Every family destroyed gun should embark on a class-action lawsuit against the Gun Maker. 

Anytime a gun is used in the commission of a crime the Manufacturer, Seller and Buyer should be potentially liable. And if those companies are put out of business they have only themselves to blame.

Gun makers and sellers enjoy the profits of selling weapons make them responsible for the carnage that flows from their trade, until they begin to police the proliferation of their product.


BadTux said...

The First Amendment has restrictions on its use. If you set up a loudspeaker at the main campground at Yosemite and start shouting the Gospel at top volume, you will be arrested by a law enforcement ranger within ten minutes for disturbing the almighty peace. Yet somehow the Second Amendment is supposed to have *no* restrictions, even if you want to own an anti-tank missile capable of blowing up houses and cars? Since when did gun rights become more absolute than free speech rights? Other than in the fertile imaginations of the folks who believe they're going to hold off government goons with their personal weapons, despite the demonstrated fact that all that personal weapons get you if the government really *does* want you is dead?

Lunacy. Utter lunacy. You nailed it, dude.

- Badtux the Sane Penguin

Grung_e_Gene said...

Howdy BadTux,

The 2nd Amendment is Holy. And like any holy document ther are shameless people waiting to exploit the suckers. Wayne LaPierre has been pushing the paranoia and maximum fear angle so that Gun Makers can squeeze more and more $ from the dupes.

But, thrown on to that are the Tea Party types who are itching to start killing the moochers, the takers, the 47% comprised of illegal immigrants, blacks, leftists, teachers, union goons and government employees who have stolen their country from them.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Yes, insanity....a cult of empire end-times; the idea that half of America (or more) comprises their official list of enemies speaks clearly to their frame of mind.

The NRA should take their flags, their guns and sail off into the sunset in search of their private island....cause THIS landmass? Ain't it.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Yeah, an enemies list and aggressive marketing towards children. (You're first for free kid...)

But, the NRA is actively supporting the Paranoids (i.e Conservative Domestic Terrorists) who are itching to begin gunning down black, "leftists" Union thugs, mooching teachers and all those who've stolen their country from them.