Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Illinois passes Drivers License's for Undocumented Immigrants

Governor Quinn signed into law the Illinois State Legislature bill which will allow Undocumented Immigrants to apply for valid State Driver's Licenses starting October 1, 2013.

This is a fantastic development. One of the most worthless arrests I have to make is a No Valid DL. Sans another violation (DUI, Reckless Driving, Speeding 30+ over, No Insurance, Texting in a School Zone, etc...) it's a huge waste of time and resources. And not just for me, but for all the associated Circuit Court Persons.

What this will accomplish is multi-fold. First off thousands of residents in Illinois will now have proper identification. With valid licenses they will be able to acquire insurance and be held liable for minor traffic infractions and accidents.

Additionally, they won't compound minor accidents or violations with a panicked desire to flee the scene.

Now, Right-Wing morons are livid over this citing their fantasy scenarios of Voter Fraud and their general fear of the Brown People but, the Totalitarian Right should applaud this for a number of reasons.

Right-Wingers, with their inherent distrust of Government, should be against arbitrary political boundaries being used to make people "criminals". And as all conservatives are Totalitarians they should applaud the identification process.

However, Right-Wingers are easily lead by their Corporate Controllers. Corporations and Plutocrats love "illegal" immigrants but want their Right-Wing stooges angry at them.

Corporations have always used the immigrant worker to undercut and control the American worker, in a multitude of ways. Plutocrats get to drive down wages and control employment opportunities while displacing Nativist anger at the incoming immigrant as opposed to the Business which happily employs the "illegal".

Also, Corporate interests are best served by having a ready supply of non-citizens because they can exploit them easily. Citizens in America have rights, benefits and protections. "Illegal" immigrants are a a dime a dozen and can be tossed aside if they get hurt or fired if they step out of line.

So, expect the usual round of Right-Wing Outrage and racist ignorant screeds but this is a win for Justice and Law in Illinois.

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