Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whose Side are You On? Gabby Giffords or Alex Jones?

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband NASA pilot Lt. Cmdr Mark Kelly have begun a Campaign Americans for Responsible Solutions against Gun Violence

Meanwhile, Alex Jones went on Piers Morgan Show and showed the True rambling, insane Face of American Gun Owners. Alex Jones, Zardoz LaPierre, James Holmes, Adam Lanza and the Murderers in Chicago are the Reality of Guns in America.

The "Argument" that Gun Laws would not have stopped Columbine or The Dark Knight Killings or the VA Tech Massacre, or the Northern Illinois shootings or the NRA-endorsed Newton Connecticut Killings or the Tinley Park Lane Bryant Murders or the latest 4 shot to death in Aurora, Colorado is used by the NRA and their Republican Allies in order to distract Americans from the facts about Gun Violence in America.

The Unrestricted Gun Violence Supporters continue to make the "Argument" that Gun Laws don't stop Gun Crimes.

How is this an Argument? When has any Law, in and of itself, ever stopped a Crime? 

Despite all the laws we have against Murder, Theft, Assaults, Vandalism and Tax Evasion these crimes continue to occur daily.

Since the Laws we have don't stop those actions does that mean we should ignore the crimes and abolish the Laws?

This is an Argument Gun Manufacturers have crafted. For the very simple reason that Gun Control hurts their profits. We have been flooded with Hundreds of Millions of Firearms. They make money as we are killed by their products.

The NRA exists to represent the Interests of Firearm Companies. Wayne LaPierre and The Republicans stand with and for the Rights of the Merchants of Death.

Who is representing the American People?


the yellow fringe said...

57,000 killed here in the last 2 years. Mexico kills that many in 5 years of drug wars and the state department warns travelers to be careful there. Mexico is a safe haven compared to the US.
85% of the kids killed by guns every year are in the USA. We spend more money on prisons than education. Looks like our investment is paying off.

Anonymous said...

At some point tonight a family discussion will be had about adding the Gifford PAC to the family list of monthly obligations.

After all, I don't have enough money to hire someone to bitch-slap/pistol whip Alex Jones.

Sarge said...

First, who is Alex Jones and why is his opinion on guns important?

You know know my views on pistols and assualt weapons - You want to hunt birds with me next Fall - I have the artillary! I will never kill anything on two feet that doesn't have feathers!
This I swear.


Grung_e_Gene said...

We are under the Terrorist control of the professional Lobbyists LaPieere and Keene of the NRA who don't care who gets shot as long as profits for their owners are assured and the absolute insane Gun Nuts who are itching to start shooting their perceived enemies.