Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet the Elitiest Out-of-Touch Romneys!

Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican Nominee for President. The Oppressive Totalitarian branch of the Right-Wing gnashed their teeth and tried for a Perry/Bachmann/Gingrich/Santorum Coup but, ultimately the Elitiest Out-of-Touch with America Plutocrat branch of the Party will win out*.

While much focus has been on the disgusting bag of misogynistic gutter trash and right-wing shit known as Rush Limpballs, Mitt, Ann and the 5 Romney Boys have been illustrating their nonchalant, tone deaf, Out-of-Touch, 1%, snobbish ignorance.

Mitt Romney is still trying his, 'I'm a regular guy' routine which is so infuriating the Teahaddist conservatives.

In Michigan Romney tried to connect with the Americans he heartily wanted to be fired in his Magnum Opus 'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt'. Thinking that they way to connect to middle class and Michigan voters was to talk about American cars, Romney imagined the cheapest car brand he could think of and said, "I drive a Mustang and a Chevy pickup truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually."

Ann Romney drives a couple of Cadillacs, that's really Salt of the Earth stuff!

However, Romney wasn't finished! In an effort to appeal to the Drive Fast Turn Left fans, Romney was asked by an AP reporter if he follows NASCAR. Mitt Out-of-Touch Romney responded, "Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. But I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners."

Not to be outdone Ann Romney decided to reach out to poor and struggling Americans with her own personal story of hard times in the Republican Recession, "I don't even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing."

Now, Faux News was attempting to show the storng side of Ann Romney as she struggles with MS, a terrible burden and not something to ridicule say as Rush Limpballs did to Michael J. Fox and his illness. However, Ann is incredibly wealthy and according to her she "has horses in every port" to help her spiritually and physically deal with her illnesses.

But, she's also part of the Republican Plutocracy which is fighting with every fiber of their being to make sure Medicare, Medicaid and SSI disability insurance are taken away from the Millions of Americans who need it to help them deal with their medical issues.

As I wrote back in a blog post in August 2009, If you were Wealthy, You'd be Healthy, this is merely part of the Greedy One Percent which holds,
Hey poor people? I've got some bad news for you... It's your own fucking fault you're poor. And because you are poor when you get sick well too fucking bad.

The Healthcare Reform debate is rooted in the idea the poor are that way due to their own failings, their lack of moral fiber. If god or nature wanted the poor to be wealthy and healthy they would be, but since they are not well then... It's Pre-Destination, Calvinism, Social Darwinism and Welfare Queens again. It's the Myth the Rich got that way due to their inherent merit... And why should the best and brightest, The Rich, pay for your pre-ordained immorality? Indeed forcing the Meritorious Rich to pay for the Poor is the height of evil as Michele Dump Bachmann stated "This is Slavery".
*- There is always the possibility of a Snowbilly Grifter Palin coup during the convention.


Jerry Critter said...

Mitt will be whatever he thinks you want him to be.

Anonymous said...

you mean Mitt isn't going to pay for my mortgage and my gas?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh no Anonymous, Mitt plans to give himself a $725,000 tax break according to Le Out-of-Touch Vulture Capitalist
proposed tax plan while raising taxes on the poor and middle class.

President Mitt Romney Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm! Enjoy voting yourself into wage slavery!

the yellow fringe said...

I watched Rummey last night, his "sort of a victory" speech. For a good portion of it he didn't seem happy at all, in fact at one point I thought he might cry, but he finally perked up a little as he shlepped through the same damn boring thing he says every day. I sort of feel sorry for the stupid fuck. I think he knows he can't win. When he spends 6 or 10 times as much as a guy who doesn't even know to get on the ballot in some counties or some states, and after years of running for President he betters him with a few hundred votes.

Sarge said...

This are the question that We The People need to ask of every political candidate for office:
What is your net worth? And, how do you relate to those in need like the sick and the poor?
I am moving to another congressional district and leaving Representative Andre Carson. Carson can relate - his net worth is -40K!THis new guy is worth over
three million.
The rich care about the rich and consort with the rich. Rich politicaians take care of their rich friends.

When is the last time you heard a Republican candidate say anything about doing something to help people other than cut taxes?

They are out to end Medicare.The fuckers have hated it since day one.

Damn it! Start payin attention and get yer asses out an vote!


Sarge said...

And, you!
Go into settings and stop this word thing on sign in. It is easy to do.

Get wif it.



Anonymous said...

The question should not be what is your net worth,it should be where is your resume.
someone with a low net worth is probably someone who is not successful in life not equipped to run a country of 300 million.
The rabble rouser in chief is doing nothing more than turning us against each other. Oh wait not just him,the entire democrat party pitting classes against one another.
I am sure the 40 million unemployed people who can't find work won't be voting for Obama this go round.
They don't want to end Medicare they want to fix it so it will be there in the future unlike the left who think everything is always going to be lollipops and Unicorns forever.
So shouln't it piss you off that Obam cut 500 billion from Medicare from the Health care bill?
Well technically he didn't cut .he is just taking it from seniors ad giving it to ....others.
Do you not see how we are running out of other people's money?

Grung_e_Gene said...


Well, sadly you've simply allowed yourself to be so browbeaten by the right as to now work at self-conditioning.

The entire deficit comes from the Bush/Cheney administrations Bullshit Wars and Taxcuts for the 1% with a big assist from Ronnie Raygun.

But, you're too deluded to see that the deficit was born and grew in Iraq, Afghanistan and HOA and is a result of The American Empire. That's $10 Trillion right there...

As far as President Obama the Right-Wing decided before he was elected they would never work with him and would do everything in their power to harm the Nation to stop him from being re-elected.

Jerry Critter said...

The 500 billion? He is not taking it from Seniors. He is taking it from insurance companies. It is money that the government was giving insurance companies to provide the same coverage to the government was already providing.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry thanks for your comments but come on man!

Wasting your time on an anonymous right-winger too cowardly to even give a non hyper-linked name?

And his BS was obvious with the "democrat" and the "40 million unemployed" and the" you run out of other peoples money".

This anonymous loser is so brain-washed he'd vote for Paul Ryan who proudly proclaims his plan is to eliminate Medicare, and supports Right-Wingers who give millions in tax breaks to companies which off-shore jobs and close American factories.

But! Thanks for coming bye, it gets tedious reading the same violent conservative stupidity!

Jerry Critter said...

The sad thing is that many of them believe it.

Anonymous said...

well you keep sticking with the most divisive president in the history of our country.
Out of touch? Look at what this president and his wife have done while the rest of the country is imploding. I won't even list all the things because it would take up too much space. But you know what I mean.
That's what happens when you can't see past the BS and think that Hope and Change is about you when it's really about him.Idiots treat him like royalty even before he became the president.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. It really chaps your ass that President Obama and Michelle Obama don't know their place!

Ha ha ha ha.

President Obama and his wife have a strong marriage built on mutual intelligence and education, have two devoted and respectful children and have risen from modest backgrounds.

The Obama's are the epitome of the Mertiocracy right-wingers claim to love and stand in direct opposition to the silver spoon elitist background of Romney and the thrice god thrice divorced serial adulterer Gingrich so it would stand that conservative champions of America and family would embrace them.

But, there is one BIG difference...

Ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? They went to top Ivy League Schools.
Someone with money had to pay for it.
Leave to it you to bring up about the "Knowing their place"
If Hillary Clinton was partying it up and taking her extended family on Safari and partying it up in the White House while many people are struggling I'd be saying the same thing so your race baiting isn't going to work with me.

You guys went on for weeks about Bush and a fishing trip during Katrina which wound up to be a big lie anyway.

Anonymous said...

either way the reimbursements are going to be less so more doctors will not accept Medicare. So yes it is taking away from seniors,so instead of Paul Ryan throwing granny off a cliff that was really Obama pushing that wheelchair.
This is good for you guys because you are of the mind that old people are a waste of money to treat after a certain age anyway.
You know like Obama said "just take a pill."
Just for a minute imagine Bush said that. The media would be talking about it for weeks 24/7,but Obama said it and it was ignored by the liberal media.
See he's just so darn perfect.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The problem with George W. Bush besides being a doped-up alcoholic idiot is he governed this country as if 100 million of didn't exist.

Bush was the Worst President in US History which is why you never, ever hear any Republican mention his name. If Republicans thought he was great they'd be running on re-enacting the Bush Doctrine... His worldview???

An anonymous do you even read the comments or just cut-and-past your set "rebuttals" in my comment section?

Barack and Michelle are Prime examples of MERITOCRACY. The rose based on their abilities.

But, hey when facts don't fit a conservative's worldview just make stuff up! For instance from the Gateway Pundit:

Figures. Michelle Obama Stocked White House Library with Books on Socialism

Except!!! Those books had been there since 1963, which means St. Reagan and George W orst President Ever Bush had them there as well.

Jerry Critter said...

You know, it is true, G_e_G. You never hear the republican candidates mentioning either one of the Bushes. You have to go all the way back to Reagan before they are willing to talk about one of their own.