Monday, March 26, 2012

Right-Wing bigots smear campaign against Trayvon Martin, won't even let the dead rest

One hallmark of Modern Conservatives is their fervent desire to defame the dead because the dead can no longer speak to defend themselves.

But, Right-Wingers have gone beyond their usual efforts with Trayvon Martin and are shitting all across the blog-o-sphere because they need to prove that Martin was one of those types because in their minds it will justify his murder.

The application of Deadly Force can only be justified by circumstances one knows prior to incident. Knowledge gained post hoc can not be used to justify the killing. Even though conservative super sleuths uncovered Trayvon Martin was on at least a five day suspension. That knowledge was not known to Zimmerman nor could it justify his murder.

But, Right-Wingers are ignorant wretches so that doesn't matter to them. They are in a desperate hunt to find evidence that proves Martin was a gang-banger.

Thump and Whip pointed out Conservative race-blogger Dan Riehl unraveling before your eyes. I ventured over there and the level of hatred and evil is very real. Conservatives really believe Zimmerman was justified in murdering Martin.
As a member of the neighborhood watch, Zimmerman was doing exactly what he was suppose to do. He was licensed to carry a pistol, and was properly trained in its use. While these types of altercations are unfortunate, they do happen. There is more to this story than the media is reporting.
Trayvon Martin, committed no crime. Zimmerman had no authority to confront him, attempt to question him and chase him down as was admitted on the 911 call.

But, pointing this out to right-wingers only earns you violent threats as I received from one Koozbane:
Look, you may need authority to walk down a street in your own neighborhood, but we grown ups in the USA are allowed out at night to walk wherever we like, follow whomever we like, and ask questions to whomever we choose.

Unarmed attackers should remain unarmed until they back off or have the contents of the weapon emptied into their flailing carcasses.

To put it plainly so even a dim leftist can understand: Attack a person with a gun and you're going to die.
So, I'm walking down a street and Mr. Koozbane feels free to follow me, confront me, question me and when I run away, chase me and then shoot me.

Almost every post over at Dan Riehl's site deals with slandering Martin to exonerate Zimmerman of the murder.

Riehl linked a facebook account of a Trayvon Martin. The account includes a photo a young black man which proved, to conservatives, Martin was a gang-banger. When multiple people pointed out it wasn't the same Trayvon, Riehl countered, It doesn't appear to be the same Trayvon Martin. But I'm still not sure. It's still linked.

Conservatism is fake Performance Art. It's all designed to provide cover for the Alternate Conservative Reality. But, in so doing they've unleashed their barely contained sub-surface bigotry.

The facebook photo linked by Riehl made it over to Moonbattery and to numerous other right-wing blogs.
Some say this is a different Trayvon Martin who just happens to look similar. As with everything else with this case, we’ll have to wait for the smoke to clear before we know for sure.
Oh, it may not be the same young black kid? Oh well, it's close enough for us. Guilty until Proven Innocent in Right-Wing eyes.

Ace of Spades, showed us what all Liberals know about conservative bloggers, they don't know anything about Law. Ace, gets his dander in a ruff and blames the media;
Oh, the Media decided We Have To Have a National Discussion about this story.

I appreciate the media dubbing Zimmerman "a white Hispanic." Like the Israelis, he's now an honorary member of the Oppressive White Majority.
First, remember it always and forever is about Race with Right-Wingers. Every time.

But, here in Illinois every standard arrest and contact report form has a category for race of the contact (suspect, victim, witness) and one of the racial categories is... White Hispanic. Ace doesn't know this because like all Right-Wing bloggers his goals aren't to report facts but, to attack his objects of hatred (the media, young black men) and cause ignorant conservatives to swallow his garbage and create a wholly fabricated false memory of the incident.

It, of course, gets worse than just trying to work your duped mouth-breathing sychophants into a lather by purposefully misunderstanding a category on an arrest sheet. Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists are making clear their intentions. Not only was Zimmerman right in confronting and killing an innocent man without authority, provocation or probable cause, any of them are justified as well. They don't need anything other than that piece at their side to gun you down.

Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs points out the sickening bigotry Dan Riehl is engaged in and earns his twitter wrath.


Sarge said...

This thing is still developing and the media will milk it for all it is worth (Nancy Grace will be next up). What I see happening is that this goes to a Florida Grand Jury which I believe will indict George Zimmerman for 2nd degree homicide -
or, manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin. One thing is for certain - Zimmerman and the home owners association are going to see
a wrongful death suit in civil court.

I agree with the previous comment- Good Post.


Sonia Rumzi said...

More evils from Facebook and conservatives. I signed off FB and the like for these very reasons. I am middle of the road most of the time and was hammered by a conservative and hounded for weeks. He insulted me and called me horrible names. I was stunned. They are not above lying and twisting the truth...ever.

Great post, thanks.

toma said...

Oh look, the Ace of Spades has weighed in. Do you have a Frat-Rat-to-English dictionary, Gene, or would you like to borrow mine?

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Right-Wing blogs are really shitting all over the place tonight after finding out Trayvon got suspended for drugs.


Except, it's all Post Hoc, all this information is after the fact. It does not matter legally. It does not justify his murder.

First off, because possession is often a municipal fine or a low level misdemeanor but it wasn't known to the murderer Zimmerman prior to his stalking and killing of Martin.

Information gained after killing someone does not justify the murder...

But, we all know what conservatives think of young black men...

toma said...

It's becoming a perfect storm. The kid was big, athletic, ate candy, smoked dope, and stood his ground after being racially profiled and stalked. Right now, the con-bloggers are essentially screaming, See? SEE?!? And we're screaming the exact same thing back. The tragedy's is America's new looking glass.

the yellow fringe said...

I hope the right wing keeps screaming about this, and contraception, and guns and more guns, and Mexicans from now till the election. It's one of the best get out the democrat and minority vote campaigns I have ever seen. Go riechwing go.

Tom Harper said...

Dan Riehl is an asshole. It figures he'd be one of the rightwads kicking Trayvon Martin after he's dead.

But I have to confess: I left a nasty comment at Dan Riehl's blog about a year ago. The comment didn't get deleted and none of his minions called me names or anything. I was astonished.

kutter said...

I keep hearing you say this whole 'post-hoc' idiocy.

While it is true that Zimmerman may not have know that Martin was not the alter boy the mass media et al makes him out to be. It does not change the fact that it now becomes apparent that it was possible that Zimmerman did in fact act in self defense based upon the prior degenerate behavior of Martin.

As far as the wrongful death suit, you can file anything, but this is not the OJ trial, things are not so clear as that. If they file it, I predict that the insurance company will offer them a little money and they will take it and walk away.

There are no winners here but if the evidence that is now coming out is true, then it was Martin that escalated the situation and thereby caused his own death.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Okay, kutter, allow me to explain something to you.

It is established law that you can not kill someone and then be justified by uncovering damning evidence afterwards.

Seriously, go ask a lawyer if you can just kill someone and be exonerated by searching out his criminal record afterwards.

This statement, "it was possible that Zimmerman did in fact act in self defense based upon prior degenerate behavior" by you just underscores how ignorant you and the right-wing sleuths who are trying to uncover dirt on this kid.

It doesn't matter if Martin was Hitler, if Zimmerman didn't know that before he shot him he's not justified.

And Zimmerman escalated the situation by chasing Martin. That Martin fought back and was apparently beating fat-ass wannabe vigilante Zimmerman's ass does not justify him murdering Martin. Zimmerman sought out a confrontation which ended with him having to kill Martin. Martin committed no crime until Zimmerman attacked him.

Anonymous said...

Wasssup!!?!? Grungee Weenee?!?

So you think ol Trayvon was a downtrodden darky?!? Man you libs R so f'n stooooopid. You'll change yer opinion once a nig robs you..

Grung_e_Gene said...

Come on.

If you plan on leaving such a bigoted statement on my blog at least have the courage to ascribe it to a nom de plume instead of being such a cowardly cur to leave it as Anonymous.

And do try to be more original than a liberal is just a conservative who hasn't been robbed yet...