Sunday, March 4, 2012

R. Limbaugh the Cyst on the Ass of the Republican Party

Racist Limpballs, the most accurate name for the rabidly evil Republican kingmaker, is getting what he has always deserved. For over 20 years, 3 hours-a-day, almost 5 days-a-week, Limbaugh has been spewing this mysgonigtic, sexist, racist trash.

Limpballs Radio Show has been the go to destination for Right-Wing talking points and the place Republicans have gone to get the impratiru of the GOP kingmaker. It's also been where despicably evil murderous filth like Dick Cheney have appeared for a mutual reach-around as Dick and Limpballs repeatedly pumped each other and America during the Worst Preidency in American History.

Limpballs attack on Sandra* Fluke fits a well-worn pattern. Right-Wing Totalitarian slut-shaming in order denigrate, punish and control women. The Republican Party has staked it's election chances on re-exerting the Power of the Patriarchy. The White, christian, male power dynamic which has empowered and elevated ignorant, worthless, non-working, chicken hawk, slobs like Limpballs, Sean Hannity, and Bill Falafel Assault O'Reilly to millionaire status.

Limpballs disgusting attacks on a college women aren't happening in a vacuum. Republican Rape Wand Bills have been proposed in 15 States. Governor Bob McDonnell, Father of the Rape Wand, declared, "I believe that this is something that helps respect the dignity of women..."

Republicans are governmental suicide bombers who once placed in power do as much damage to functioning government and advances in individual rights in an attempt to bring down American Democracy and replace it with a Neo-Feudalist Plutocracy.

But, unchained women present and have always presented a problem for Totalitarian Right-Wingers. Sandra* Fluke's outspokeness will not be tolerated.

So, Racist Limpballs thought he would be fine declaring, his Woman Hatred, 'Slut! Prostitute! No Woman Can Ever Have Sex for Fun! Flithy Hussies who are having sex are destroying the World. Along with the Gay sex!'

The Totalitarian Right has decided now, prior to their upcoming defeat in the 2012 elections, is the time to push forward their goals of undermining the advancement of the 20th century, Workers Right's, Human Right's, and Sexual Right's.

And all we have to fight them with is numbers. But numbers can be effective, as was shown with Glenn Beck. So, simply never give any money to any company associated with Racist Limpballs, dry up the his Corporate cash flow. Let them support his ponderous ass.

*- I've corrected the Heroic Young Woman's name to Sandra.

A Whole collection of the Horrible Quotes of Limpballs can be found over here at Eclectablog.


the yellow fringe said...

Once formed, a cyst could go away on its own or may have to be removed through surgery.

Green Eagle said...

The way thing are today, I think it might be more correct to say that the Republican party is the cyst on the ass of Rush Limbaugh.

Sarge said...

Look, here is where it is, pure an fuckin simple - We have two weapons
to use against Limbaugh and the GOP to support our wives, daughters, sisters, aunts (etc) and friends - We have our voice - be that verbal or written, and our vote. Let your Senators and Representatives in Congress know of your outrage at the Republican
(not just Limbaugh - but mention the doper asshole anyway) partie's
assault on women. I am making three calls in the am tomorrow - I want you people to do the same. Venom is approved...
Second, nothing - absolutely nothing, is more important now than your vote. Please, please get out there November 6th and vote.
We can take back America.


Silverfiddle said...

Spare us the phony outrage, Obama fanboys.

You stand on your hind legs and cheer when fellow lefty hatemongers call conservative women all kinds of vulgarities and even make jokes about their children and about them being raped, so crying that your delicate sensibilities have been hurt is hilarious.

Rush was wrong calling that freaky woman a slut. Moocher is a better description.

Grung_e_Gene said...

And in swoops Silverfiddle with the false equivalences! Proving once again, that nothing any conservative an ever do would stop him from siding with the Right-Wing trash destroying America!

Anonymous said...

neSandra Fluke, not Susan. Rush did call her Susan Fluke but, surprise, he was wrong in that too.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Thank you anonymous, I've corrected the brave young woman's name to Sandra.

Jolly Roger said...

SF does himself no favors, getting in bed with a fat dope addict/hatemonger. Sadly, it's what we've all come to expect.