Sunday, March 18, 2012

Convicted Criminal James O'Keefe's accomplice breaking ranks?

Convicted Criminal James O'Keefe is the quintessential Right-Wing reporter of the Alternate Conservative Reality. O'Keefe is unencumbered by facts, truth, morality and legality in his pursuit to create "news" which can assuage and dupe the self-conditioning battered conservative voter.

Nothing O'Keefe has ever produced has shown illegal activities. All they have highlighted is James O'Keefe's squirmy, sleazy, sexually perverted, potential rapist nature. Even his furtive ACORN allegations ended with no arrests let alone convictions. However, James O'Keefe has been convicted of crimes.

And that leads us to Part I: My Time as an Accomplice to Convicted Criminal James O’keefe by Nadia Naffe.
I thought I could put the weekend of October 2nd, 2011 behind me. But it seems to keep popping up every time I look over my shoulder. The public is looking to me to connect the dots about what actually happened that evening which led me to file a criminal harassment complaint against James O’keefe in court.
It'll be interesting to follow her allegations and the Right-Wing reaction which will be to slander and smear the young lady for breaking orthodoxy, a little can be found here at the Mediaite story.

The sad truth is James O'Keefe is a mentally repressed conservative Bigot. All of his "Stings" have targeted programs or institutions which help the oppressed and minorities. But, even before he launched his Right-Wing Oppression Project, O'Keefe's views and those conservatives with whom he associated were easy to determine when convicted criminal James O'Keefe attended and was involved in a White Supremacist Forum held on August 30, 2006 in Arlington, VA.

From the article,
A DC area photographer snapped a photo of O'Keefe as he maintained a literature table near the panelists. At the time both [O'Keefe] and Marcus Epstein were Leadership Institute employees. Epstein, who eventually served as executive director for Bay Buchanan's the American Cause and for Tom Tancredo's Team America PAC, would be arrested almost a year later for drunkenly attacking an African American woman in the Georgetown area of Washington, calling her a racial slur and also fighting with her husband before getting stopped by an off duty secret service agent witnessing the attack. O'Keefe, who was still being listed at the time of the forum on the RU Centurion masthead as "Editor at Large" would eventually be fired from the Leadership Institute after he called a Planned Parenthood office pretending to be a donor who only wanted his donation going to aborting black babies, because in his words, "the less black kids out there the better." It was a ruse to catch Planned Parenthood staffers in an embarrassing situation, which it did, but it also embarrassed his employers at the Leadership Institute as well, and they let him go. Still, David Fenner, Vice President of Programs at the Leadership Institute said, "We don't say what our employees should do on their own time."
I wonder if this applies to women in his organization nowadays seeing as R. Limpballs and the Republicans in Arizona specifically want to see and know about women's sexual activities.

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