Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you were Wealthy you'd be Healthy

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above...

Hey poor people? I've got some bad news for you... It's your own fucking fault you're poor. And because you are poor when you get sick well too fucking bad.

The Healthcare Reform debate is rooted in the idea the poor are that way due to their own failings, their lack of moral fiber. If god or nature wanted the poor to be wealthy and healthy they would be, but since they are not well then... It's Pre-Destination, Calvinism, Social Darwinism and Welfare Queens again. It's the Myth the Rich got that way due to their inherent merit... And why should the best and brightest, The Rich, pay for your pre-ordained immorality? Indeed forcing the Meritorious Rich to pay for the Poor is the height of evil and as Michele Dump Bachmann* stated "This is Slavery".

Now that we have once again established the hierarchy of Morality with the Rich on top they needed a way to coerce enough of the middle, who think they are rich living off of the Piss Down You Back trickle down American economic cycle, to get up in arms (literally), form a Dump Bachmann 'Wrist Slitting' Death Cult Covenant and threaten violence if any reforms are attempted. So they choose Sarah Hot and Palin to warn America about her baby Trig and your Grandma being put to death by ACORN-SMERSH Obamannist Death Panels.

This is merely the underlying message. The battle for Healthcare is actually being waged by the 250 or so Republicans and Democrats who are in the pocket of Pharmaceutical Giants who reap huge profits from selling their legal drugs.

Recently, I had to transport a young man to the Hospital near my town who I arrested for an Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer. His injuries in the scuffle were minor but I learned he took Seroquel for bipolar disorder. Seroquel is the AstraZenaeca name for the chemical Quetiapine. He didn't have any meds with him and hadn't taken them for days, and my department procedure and County law dictates all arrestees must have received prescribed medications prior to being turned over the the Sheriffs Department for holding awaiting trial. I looked up Seroquel, which according to the AstraZeneca Annual Review 2005, "...with $2.8 billion sales in 2005, further strengthened its position as the most prescribed atypical anti-psychotic therapy..."

Total sales for Quetiapine was over $4 billion.

It's the Money.

The Billionaires for Wealthcare understand perfectly the Status Quo needs to be maintained.

Truth Shall Rule: Rich Republicans Jealous of Food Stamps

*- It's disturbing we have M. Dump Bachmann ranting on and on about the voices she hears. Can't her Government Run Health Care provide her with enough Seroquel to quiet the voices in her head?


ran said...

I just find it sad that caring about your neighbor can be considered a radical idea.

Grung_e_Gene said...

screw you

ran said...

I hope you fall down my staircase you twit!

Grung_e_Gene said...

sue you

ran said...

for once I'm glad my representative is so concerned about tort reform.