Monday, August 17, 2009

Got A Gun Kill Some Women

Got a Gun
Fact I got Two
That's Okay Man 'cause I love Guns
 - Glorified G, Pearl Jam

Guns are tools. However, they are tools with the specific function of the projection of deadly force.

2009 has been a year of lament due to gun violence. Besides the common run-of-the-mill accepted gun violence and deaths, the ones were the reader shrugs his shoulders and goes ho-hum another day / another 6 shot at a gang members funeral. There have been spectacular episodes of gun murder as when the typical shooter "a quiet non-violent man who kept to himself" walked into a New York state Immigration center in April and proceeded to murder 13 people before killing himself.

It's hard enough for Police and the Court systems to stay on top of restricting gun access to those who have documented crimes as a recent August incident when a Chicago man shot his wife to death before taking his own life after a Domestic Dispute had been charged with a DB and had an OOP filed against him in 2006.

As a Police Officer you always fear coming into a Domestic and finding one of the involved parties has a gun, as a Libertyville Officer came upon on August 15th ending in the shooting and death of the suspect by the Officer.

And then you add on the nearly impossible to predict incidents when some catalyst starts a reaction which results in the slaying of 3 women and the wounding of 9 others while they were in a fucking yoga class by the aforementioned typical shooter, a quiet man who kept to himself, but whose warped and frustrated mind built up edifices of anger, which exploded into a murderous rage. He Ran Amuck and because of the tools he acquired 3 innocent people lost their lives.

Unfortunately, the Toxic Right has been augmenting the gun violence by stoking the fears of deranged and disturbed people with ObamaHitler is coming for your guns. This directly led to the ambush and murder of 3 Pittsburgh police officers at the hands of a Right Wing Extremist Terrorist. Who was specifically acting upon the idea that Police Officers as Obama Government officials were coming to take his guns, under the Obama Gun Ban.

There have been other Right Wing Extremist terror attacks this year, using guns, the murder of Doctor George Tiller and the attack on the Holocaust Museum.

Now, the Toxic Right and elected Republican Congressmen are encouraging people to show up armed to Obama's Town Halls. Why? Why are those who stoked and feed the flames of irrational fears with daily rhetoric about the encroaching Brownshirted ACORN-Nazi-Liberal-Islamo-Marxist-Fascist-Communist Dictatorship, encouraging people to bring guns to Presidential Rallies? And why did they not express the same fervent encouragement for Code Pink or Anti-War protesters to come packing to to Bush or Cheney Rally Round the Flag We Need More War speeches? (There's that nasty old time function again! Rights and patriotism change when a non-Republican is in office. Threatening gun violence is now what Real Americans do!)

I don't know what to do about Gun violence. I have no magic panaceas. But, the violence is reaching levels where it has to be debated. Distressingly the pro-gun argument techniques oft times devolve into: Ahem! Second Amendment. QED. So therefore, and as such as. Because shut up. Also.

It's been made worse as the bureaucratic system to control and ensure guns don't end up in the wrong hands has been shown to be lacking. It's not laziness or corruption which causes inefficiencies in a bureaucratic system, it's just not possible to apply general rules to cover all specifics and to have 100% efficiency when dealing with such a large number of people.

Americans do not want to live in a society with this Sword of Damocles (Barrel of Right Wingers) hanging over our heads. Of being gunned down at school, at a yoga center, at a funeral. Of being mistaken for throwing gang signs when speaking with a hearing disabled person, of being killed by your abusive spouse or of finding oneself at the end of a Birthers AR-15.

But, the empty and corrupt Hollow Men, the Glenn Becks who cavalierly suggest it's Time to Get a Gun when bewailing the Democratic Party are pointing the weapon at that which they want to destroy and easing the fingers of the deranged Protesters on the trigger...


spocko said...

Great comment over at my blog. I liked it so much that I used it as a post.


P.S. The phrase, "Bullet Box" as a play on Ballot Box, is that yours or did you get it somewhere else? It is really good and I want to see it more as an alliterative description of what they are doing on the right with their bringing of guns to events.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Frighteningly, that phrase was used verbatim by VA Republican Catherine Crabill back in July.

"We have a chance to fight this battle at the ballot box, before we have to resort to the bullet box," said Catherine Crabill, the Republican nominee for the 99th District seat in the House of Delegates.

When questioned about the threat of guns and violence she predictably blamed Obama since he's such a Kenyan Socialist/Marxist!

"Rather than scrutinize my comments, why doesn't the media examine how this administration's policies and trajectory into socialism/Marxism has incited the people to buy arms at an unprecedented rate?" she asked.

Spocko said...


OMG! Thanks for the reference.
Chilling. I'm used to that stuff from the talk radio hosts, but to hear it from an elected official? Insane.

JollyRoger said...

The Rushpubliscums aren't going to accept being out of power. Their monkey fudged things enough to get himself appointed by the SCOTUS, but that hat trick is only good once in awhile. So they gots to have Herr Beck, the dope addict, and the rest of the brain-addled gasbags try to svare us back into compliance. Just ask the Pittsburgh Police Department how it works.