Saturday, August 8, 2009

Literally, Nothing

Let me tell you about murder. It's Fun! It's Easy! You... Gonna learn all about it... Tin Tin, from the masterful epic The Crow

Obama is an Arab
Obama is Kenyan.
Obama is Muslim.

Obama is a Socialist.
Obama is a Communist.
Obama is a Nazi.

Obama is The Joker
Obama is Mao
Obama is Hitler.

Obama wants to kill Babies.
Obama wants to kill Old People.
Obama wants to kill you.
Hear me calling
Can't you hear my death tone
~ ManOwaR, Death Tone
There is literally nothing the Republicans, The Toxic Commentators, The Birthers, The Teabaggers and the ignorant brainwashed bigoted followers won't shout in their effort to have Obama murdered. Because that is the goal. To have one of their ilk "remove" Obama from office.

Is this the Modern Republican Party? The ObamaisLiterallyHitler constant refrain, the use of violence and intimidation to stop the Democratic Party? The Scorched Earth Party? The Death Panels? (In Honor of the American Marine, Quit Making Things Up Sarah!) How do you debate that? How do you reason with those whose stated political position is a declaration to use lies, violence, bloodshed and murder?

I can only hope The Second American Revolution is not coming, because those who seek to unleash the murder and mayhem apparently do not understand a thing like that, once released, can not be controlled and thousands of innocents will die.

And even though I'm a Veteran and Police Officer I'm certain I'll be eliminated because I don't hold the Modern Republican Party platforms of christian insanity, chicken hawk war profiteering, work the people to death in the Military and Industry and bigoted racism to escape being put up against a wall.

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