Monday, November 28, 2016

The Blackwaterification of Public Education

Billionaire Betsy DeVos, an ardent enemy of public education, was named by illegitimate President-Elect Trump as Education Secretary.

DeVos is part of the Amway Family in Michigan which has been screwing people over with get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes for decades.

Erik Prince the founder of the Blackwater Mercenary Company, is her brother.

Clearly, we are looking at the Blackwaterification of Public Education in the United States similar to how Erik Prince managed to sell expensive mercenaries (independent contractors) to the Department of Defense and US Military under the Junta of George W(orst President Ever) Bush and Dickless Cheney.

In the same way Prince managed to slice out Billions of dollars allocated towards the DoD, billions in US Taxpayer dollars allocated for education are going to be given to DeVos Style Companies to create private schools (indoctrination camps) which select out of teaching poor, minority, mental disabled children and hire non-tenured, financially vulnerable, unprotected mercenary teachers, who know they will have to advance the David Barton lie filled right-wing version of US History, so more Americans can be duped by conservative propaganda, in order to keep their slightly-better than starvation wages jobs. Meanwhile, Public Schools will be kept around to shove all poor and undesirable students into, while receiving less and less funding every year.

The goal is the destruction of the Democratic Republic and the creation of a Neo-Feudal Wage Slave State in which most Americans are serfs with little to offer than their labor which powerful families weigh against the labor of a poor worker in Bangladesh or the Philippines or Central America.

The Blackwaterification of every facet of the federal Government, i.e. The elimination of the social safety net for a new government aligned to protect and advance the interests of the Rich Elite.

This is what the Koch Brothers see as the true state of man and the natural order of the world. A few quasi-aristocratic families controlling the country, with a neutered federal government selected by the Plutocracy and backed by Blackwater Mercs, ready to enforce the will of the 1%.

Over at the excellent blog Hackwhackers, they have a quote which explicitly details what Plutocratic control is going to mean for 99% of Americans,
So we’ll get public schools shaped by people who’ve never attended one, law and order from people who’ve lived their lives behind security gates, health care from people who have personal physicians, and transportation policy from people who have their own jets. We’ll also get a lot of extra drug testing, reduced wages, and cuts to unemployment—because these billionaires know it’s you working people who are taking more than you’re worth.


W. Hackwhacker said...

Some people just have it in their DNA (obviously like the Prince/DeVos klan, er, clan) to screw as many others over as possible, without interference by government. Rump is the epitome of this social/ commercial/ political model. Unfortunately, we're about to take many steps backward in this country and may never get back what we'll be losing.

Good analysis, as usual, Gene.

One Fly said...

More likely than not. My money says maybe 5% of citizens here would have heard of Blackwater.

It's possible they have enough time and the votes that our education system could be forever changed as described not not to be gotten back as HW states. They have been after this for decades and all is in place for that to happen

And that's just education. They will be Busy Bastards ripping apart the very guts of this country! I hated the bush bastards but these fucks are much worse and more dangerous by a long sight.

Grung_e_Gene said...

W Hackwhacker and One Fly,

I had personal experience with Blackwater Mercs in Iraq (and with DynCorp in Afghanistan). The mercs behavior in Ramadi caused problems for us constantly, obviously the 4 Blackwater Mercs who were strung up in Fallujah after the populace became tired of their criminal antics led the biggest battle in US History (September 2004) since Hue in Vietnam.

The Mercs were nothing but trouble, walked around with a big dick swagger and committed numerous acts which could be considered war crimes, but forunately they have the keen legal minds of the fascist Republican Party members Alberto Gonzales, Addington, and Trump confidant Rudy Ghoulani who had this to say about stealing Iraq's oil,

“Of course it’s legal – it’s war,” Giuliani answered, laughing. “Until the war is over, anything is legal.”

One Fly said...

Yes! I see the video I used about these Blackwater people shooting randomly at vehicles is gone.

They are back just in a different form.

Jerry Critter said...

Trump, in deciding to run for president, has clearly demonstrated that he has no concerns for the necessity of qualifications for a high level government job.

eddie blake said...

they've only been planning this for forty plus years.
they laid it all out in the powell memo, in the seventies
they've been on the march ever since.

the left hasn't taken this shit seriously SINCE then-
knives to the gunfight, and as such, the american experiment TOTTERS

on the edge.

David said...

The only thing I'd add to this is that Blackwater didn't start this really either. I think Naomi Klein wrote years ago about the makeover of government as basically a core that gives out lucrative contracts to private enterprise.

Blackwater, among other things, was what happened when the Bush administration applied that agenda to national defense. I suspect you've drawn the prediction correctly here, though.

Hackwhacker's quote is bang on. In the name of getting rid of insensitive and unaccountable bureaucrats, we're going to turn over the public sector to insensitive and unaccountable billionaires.