Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I voted for Trump, the Micro-Aggressions of the Conservative Nazis

Trump's supporters are emboldened by Trump Second Place Victory. White Conservatives, because they are always white, have taken to yelling, 'I Voted Trump, We are Coming for You'.

The key takeaway from each of these incidents is always whites are in power again and they are going to return America to it's Founding Values, #MAGA.

Micro-aggressions are how these things start. But, these micro-aggressions are not the acts of the powerful but, of the powerless. Conservative Trump supporters have no power. They know it. And this is the reason they voted for Trump.

Trump promised them power so conservatives are strutting around as if they own the place. But, the joke's on them because Trump and his inner circle of Neo-Nazis own it and are going to take it all.

Undoing TPP won't bring IPhone manufacturing jobs to the US. Coal mining may increase but, any extra money for coal miners will come from more time down in the mines not from increases to wages or benefits. Tool and Dye and Steel Mills will not magically re-open with Union jobs in the Rust Belt, Trump's area of support, for the #MAGA voters to have for the next 30 years.

Now their lack of power doesn't mean they can't do damage on a small scale. So, the Trumpenproletariat will engage in minor abuses and micro-aggressions against those whom they feel they can harass, intimidate, or hurt with impunity.

Like this woman, a serial abusive white power Trump Voter in Chicago, screeching I voted for Trump at black employees and people in the store,

Or this Delta Airlines riding man lording Trump's election over the Hillary bitches on the flight,

Or any of the 900 incidents the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented in the 3 weeks since the election.

But, this evidence means exactly nothing to the Trumpenproletariat. If it isn't reported on Faux News, posted on Drudge Report, Infowars, or Breitbart or spoken on toxic right-wing talk radio it isn't true and they will not accept it, creating their own version of what is true.

The Republican Party is now a fully realized white power party. They have a fully-functioning alternate source of Propaganda to draw upon which confirms everything they believe and reinforces everything they want to be true. They speak in code only to like-minded white power right-wingers.

There is no coming back from this. Conservatives are Nazis. There is only the further descent into fascism and the evils which accompany that extreme right-wing ideology.

But, we must give in nor despair. The Conservative Nazis are the minority. Don't accept their micro-aggressions. Don't accept the evil ideology the Republicans are going to rapidly ensconce into law. Organize, Resist, Fight Back. Never Surrender because that is what these micro-aggressors are demanding when they scream TRUMP WON! GET OVER IT! they are demanding your surrender, they are demanding you accept the imposition of a fascist right-wing white power government.

But, never forget these are the actions of the powerless pawns who've been brainwahsed and duped by 35 years of relentless right-wing propaganda. It may be too late for them but, it isn't too late for America.


W. Hackwhacker said...

They can do a lot of damage in the coming years, but less if they're fought at every turn. Polls consistently show a significant majority of the American people support progressive positions, whether it's on preserving the social safety net, gun control, LGBTQ rights, and on and on. What progressives lack is a dedicated media that will fight the relentless propaganda coming out of Fox "News," hate radio and the fake news sites. Going after them with squirt guns when they have "firehoses of falsehood" doesn't exactly put us on an even playing field. Not sure how we solve that problem in the existing environment.

David said...

I wonder whether the mob of deplorables will even notice that the Trump administration has not the slightest interest in their political agenda now that he's won their votes.

Hackwhacker - I sympathize but I'm not sure there is a solution. There are plenty of large and credible, non-squirt gun sources of information about world affairs competing with the fake news sites. They are called, with the exception of Fox, "mainstream media." It doesn't seem to help.

Like any successful budding authoritarian movement, the Trumpists have achieved an ideal and necessary condition: they have persuaded their followers that the more outside sources of information differ from their own, the truer their own sources must be. History doesn't offer us any real way out of that except to wait a few decades for the system to rot from within and collapse.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Conservative game plan begun decades ago of undermining government is paying dividends for the RepublicaNazi Party. The Deplorables will never blame RepublicaNazis for hurting them as they showed in 2007 blaming Jimmy Carter for the Republican Recession. As MAGAcare and MAGAtaxes begin harming them in 2017 they will Blame Barack and The Democratic Party as they have been trained.

David said...

Gene - I'm forced to agree. Whatever negative things happen during the Trump administration will surely be dismissed as the tragic after-effects of the Obama administration or possibly economic sabotage plotted by Democratic partisans and their arch-ally, Chris Christie.

Dervish Sanders said...

Maybe it's just depression due to Trump getting "elected", but I think the chances that the American democracy experiment is coming to an end are high. A Trump presidency will surely do a lot of damage to the US, but the bigger threat (which has existed for some time) is that the state Legislatures are overwhelmingly Republican-controlled.

Currently Democrats control the legislatures in 13 States. If that number falls to 12, Republicans can call a Constitutional Convention (AKA an Article 5 Convention) and amend our founding document in any way they chose. If that happens it WILL BE TOO LATE for America. We will FULLY be an oligarchy and a democracy in name only.

Ed said...

I have to laugh when I see people who said "get used to saying madam president" tell me what the future will bring.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ed, who knew the 1st Loser (as the second place finisher is known in American paralance) would be awarded the POTUS?