Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Right-wing domestic terrorist kills 2 Iowa Police Officers and conservatives don't care

Unless, someone helps advance the evil conservative agenda they do not count as real Americans. Nor do conservatives honor those who do not hold to right-wing orthodoxy. It matters not if you are a Veteran or Police Officer if you oppose them, conservatives will engage in the politics of personal destruction against you.

Conservatives don't give a shit about Cops. On every issue conservatives are bloodsucking parasites who view people as a means of advancing the right-wing agenda of intolerance, oppression, and the adulation of the rich.

The ambush and execution style murder of two Iowa Police Officers, would seem to fulfill the right-wing rhetoric of Obama's and #BlackLivesMatter War on Cops except the alleged murderer is a Trump-lovin', confederate flag wavin', white power spoutin' red-blooded white american name Scott Michael Greene.

Thus, Faux News and the right-wing internet are silent. This attack on Police doesn't conform to their propaganda, it doesn't advance their agenda, it doesn't aid the conservative slow moving coup d'état; thus it is as if it never happened.

Of course, the murderer was allowed to surrender even after killing two cops in two separate ambush style attacks. Personally, I'm okay with his capture because the Iowa State Police and FBI should be able to garner intel from this killer but, the fact that this Trump supporting cop killer can surrender and not be immediately shot dead after killing two officers will not surprise the black and other minority communities, who are never afforded the opportunity to surrender when unarmed.

As we have seen over and over again, right-wing domestic terrorism is coddled and encouraged in America, especially because the perpetrators are overwhelmingly white males. We have an entire News Organization, large swaths of the internet, and elected Republicans officials espousing armed revolution and the removal President HRC immediately after her winning the election. So, two, or three or more dead Cops killed to advance the right-wing take over of America is a price conservatives are willing to pay and willing to extract.

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