Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sorry Conservatives it's still illegal to say Merry Christmas

The right-wing internet is giddy with the victory in the War on Christmas but, unforuntately for them come this December 25th, Kenyan Marxist Secret Islamic Usurper Barack HUSSEIN Obama shall still be President thus Obama's Executive Order banning the saying of Merry Christmas will still be in effect.

Too bad!

There are 4 or 5 conservatives I know, personally who are planning on making the bold decision to say Merry Christmas this December and I plan to arrest them immediately afterwards and render them to the New Black Panther Party run FEMA Death Camps.

I know WWC you are all giddy with all the "winning" you're going to be doing but, not yet. Sorry, conservatives Maybe Next Year.

One of the horrifying problems apparently uncovered in the internet age is that propaganda and lies work and can't be stopped. Buzzfeed reported that Facebook helped various right-wing sites, like EndingtheFed, disseminate fake news designed to arouse and anger conservatives. The War on Christmas right-wing bullshit has been just one of thousands of lies the conservative internet propagated knowing they all can't be debunked and that some percentage of conservatives will absorb them and hold them fast despite debunking.

Even trained intelligence analysts and police officers I know and work with fall for loaded rhetoric and inflammatory propaganda that they read on their facebook feeds or hear from right-wing radio. Conservatives uncritically believed unsourced lies and outright disinformation campaigns.

It's sad that as new generations come of age they fall for the same techniques and methods which plunged Nations and the World into turmoil and war in the past.


Tom Harper said...

I've got my will all written, made arrangements for, you know... So here goes:

Praise The Lord! Merry Christmas! Happy Easter!

When Hillary's thugs came for Vincent Foster, I said nothing. And now they're coming for me :)

W. Hackwhacker said...

The world is aflame with ignorance and fear, and our high- tech, low accountability media platforms do little but add accelerant to the fire.

Sigh -- 106,000 votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and none of this is happening. =head hits desk =

David said...

Every time I hear of one of these brave souls risking all to say merry Christmas in the face of creeping liberal fascism, I am reminded of Tank Man.

Very similar situations.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Tom Harper,

Your defiance of the Holy Orders of BaBlack OBlackma has been noted.

W. Hackwhacker,

Ensuring that 300,000 voters were blocked from voting in Wisconsin alone also helped, 2nd place Vote getter Trump.


Indeed it is frightening how one never sees a christian openly professing their faith and how one can't find churches or signs of christianity out in the open anymore. But, as Ben Franklin noted, 'lighthouses are more useful than churches'.