Saturday, November 5, 2016

Donald Trump and other Child Rapists are welcome in the Republican Party

"You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy," Newt Gingrich screams at Megyn Kelly as he refuses to look at his bulbous self in a mirror.
Right-Wingers are bitter clingers to their core beliefs; those beliefs being Bigotry, Hatred, and Projection.

As the allegations mount against Donald Trump, more than 12 women have accused Trump of criminally sexually assaulting them, what has gone under reported amongst each of those terrible accusations are the sexual assaults on children that Trump committed.

Trump himself has admitted he used his position as owner of the Miss Teen USA pageant to leer at undressed teenage girls repeatedly and there is a lawsuit against Trump by a woman "Jane Doe" not yet publicly identified that in 1994 Donald Trump sexually assaulted her when she was 13 years old.

And conservatives, those arbitrators of moral righteousness in America, collectively shrug and yawn. Except the on-line alt-right White Supremacists, who have taken it on themselves to destroy every woman who has come forward labelling the dozens of accusers as #NextFakeTrumpVictim.

As conservatives try to relitigate the 1990's one name that they refuse to mention is Dennis Hastert. Coach Denny was the most powerful Republican in DC after Newt Gingrich's flameout and as Speaker of the House was second in line for the Presidency, during the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton.

Yet, now after revelations of Hastert's evil actions against dozens of boys has come partially to light, the Republican Party and conservatives act as though he never even existed. Save for convicted criminal Tom DeLay, who wrote an impassioned defense of Hastert to the judge overseeing Coach Denny's conviction (for financial improprieties).

In DeLay's letter he glowingly recalls Hastert was "a man of great integrity" who "loves and respects his fellow man" and "he doesn't deserve what he is going through". All told over 50 conservatives and Republicans wrote letters to the judge praising Dennis Hastert and requesting leniency.

In fact, on-line conservatives were far more upset about the evil FBI invading Hastert's precious privacy and the blackmail by one of his victim's, than they were with Hastert's criminal sexual abuse of over a dozen young men.

Another Republican child abuser conservatives pretend never existed is Mark Foley. As details of his predations of 15 year old pages emerged Faux News consistently ran the chyron of Mark Foley (D) and the Drudge Report blamed the young boys for dressing like tarts and tempting Foley.

Of course, this summer found Foley attending Trump rallies seated directly behind Trump, whom no doubt admires Foley's choice of victims.

But, between Hastert, Foley, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Rush Limpballs the Republican Party has a distinct flavor of a pro-child rape party. So, it's not surprising Republicans would nominate and support Donald Trump, a child rapist, for President.

But, threaten the alt-right Kin be prepared for the vicious on-line threats of rape and murder from the fascist Trumpenproletariat. Constant death threats have led to Trump's victim, "Jane Doe", to drop her suit no doubt emboldening them to declare all of Trump's numerous accusers are lying.

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