Monday, October 12, 2015

What to do when faced with a Gunman

Sadly, because of the mendacity of Republicans and insanity of the firearm humping gun nut fanatics the best advice we can offer, in the face of gun violence, daily school shootings, and rising mass shooting incidents, is to rush the gunman.

Gun Nuts have brought America to such a murderous state that when I'm asked on the street by residents or by family and friends I do tell them, your two options are fight or flight.

Unfortunately, many people when confronted by such a situation freeze. Freezing in the face of danger is not cowardly or unmanly it is a natural bodily reaction of facing a life-or-death situation. It takes training to overcome this response. Hiding is not an improper response but it is a holding action until one of the two prime options (Fight or Flight) becomes available or necessary. So, yes if running away is not an option because of some factor then attacking the gunman, and I mean an all-out attack; screaming, clawing, stabbing, biting, kneeing, throwing things, becomes your best option.

Now, contrary to Conservative bluster no Nation can call itself the Greatest if we have to advise school children to run at a gun wielding madman because "he can't shoot all of us". If, we were such a great Nation, Americans would be able to move about their daily routinues without the fear that today is the day some aggrieved white mysognist is going to Run Amuck or some errant gang bangers rounds will kill you in your bedroom or a Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist is going to gun you down for the crime of supporting Obamacare.

Republicans and their Moneyed Masters in the Gun Lobby, would have you believe this is the best we can do, until that glorious day when everyone in America is armed with a Gun and the Kingdom of Gun Nut Heaven descends upon the Nation and creates Firearm Utopia. It's actually a strong indicator of a sick Nation ready to collapse in upon itself.

Guns are, in fact, a blight upon Us and are almost certain to lead to the downfall of our country. I don't state this as hyperbole but, as a fact. Most Empires are brought low by internal divisions, sometimes outright and sometimes by weakening that Nation so much as to allow some other peoples to conquer it.

Each mass shooting, has the effect of hardening the zealotry of the gun nuts, makes the gun humping maniacs cling tighter to their guns, and drives other gun cultists to purchase more guns. And the Gun Manufacturers further hype and enflame the situation because the more blood of Americans that is spilled the more money they make.

Despite the facts that more guns has not made America "safer" nor that stricter gun control, regulation and enforcement has worked in other Nations. We now have a hardened kernel of gun fanatics who want no restrictions of any kind on firearms, who want no prosecutions of negligent discharges, who want no enforcement of gun laws, who ensured legislation was passed in 2005 under a Republican Congress and W(orst POTUS in Histroy) to perpetually indemnify Gun Manufacturers from all lawsuits, who champion wild west style gun fights under the euphemism Stand Your Ground, and who are implictly and explicitly declaring that any such "infringments" will be met with murderous gun violence.

So, it's time we Fight. The Gun Lobby, the Gun Humping Madmen, and the Republican Party are the Gunmen that we face. They are the threat. They are the ones who profit off the deaths of Americans. Thye are the phony good guys with guns, until they get cut off in traffic, or until their girlfriend dumps them, or until Wayne LaPierre and Alex Jones convince them to kill Police Officers because of the Sandy Hook Hoax and Obama's Coming Gun Ban. But, until We, the People stand up and fight we will be held hostage to the Cult of the Gun.


One Fly said...


guns/alcohol/religion ripping this country apart and very few give a shit

Grung_e_Gene said...

One Fly,

That seems to be the major problem. Now, one of the major reasons I think apparent apathy has replaced activism is because of the Right-Wing Plutocratic attack on the Working Class and the decision to end the American dream and destroy Americans standard of living. So many Americans are struggling to make ends meet and to stay out of crushing debt or lost everything to the Republican Homeowners Recession of 2007 or Medical Bankruptcy that they do not have the energy to battle for these issues.

BadTux said...

We actually have numbers on this. The best survival mechanism is run like hell. The people who ran from a shooter are the people who survived. People who dropped to the ground ("duck and cover") or froze are the people who died. And charging a shooter has a low survival rate too. So: Run. Run like the wind. And if you can't because you're old or disabled, well. As far as the NRA types are concerned that makes you expendable, so just shut up and die, already. SIGH.

One Fly said...

I hardly give a shit anymore Gene. I care but I don't if that makes any sense. Of course you are correct on your response to me. Our positions on the issues have for the most part been identical. You and Bad Tux are two of the few bloggers I read in depth. Our countries problems are many and run very deep. I see no fixes insight and if any are even attempted repairs will not be easy or quick or cheap.

Grung_e_Gene said...


You are correct, running is your best option. It's easy on the internet to be a fake tough guy and bluster about what you would do when faced with a gunman. It's something else entirely to be faced with a gunman or be shot at as I have.

I know if I'm out it will be with my beloved partner, mother, or extended family and it will be incumbent upon me. But, yes I know my chances (sans luck) aren't good but, The NRA and the Cult of the Gun requires daily Blood Sacrifices of Children and Innocents.

One Fly, I know it's hard and the road seems difficult but good people like you are the voices and fighters we need most.

XDsteel said...

Kinda hard to run away from an active shooter when the school policy is lock every one in place. Kinda like fish in a barrel right?
You quote "I mean an all-out attack; screaming, clawing, stabbing, biting, kneeing, throwing things, becomes your best option." why not shooting back? Oh yea because you made it a Gun free zone by policy or Law.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Way to miss the point XDSteal. The point is we should not be living in a nation awash in firearms which makes attacking a gunman necessary. and as you may or may not know the Umpqua Campus was not a gun-free zone.

So, tell me do you think the children in Newton are responsible for their deaths? Or are you one of the many gun-humping loons who believes Sandy Hook is an Obama Hoax to take your precious gun from you?

XDsteel said...

I think the shooter is responsible. (what dick question) I am not one of those people who think that SH was a hoax but I DO believe that Obama isn't looking out (or care to) for my rights.

Grung_e_Gene said...


First off, Federal Gun Rights for people expanded under President Obama as he signed into law the ability to carry into National Forests/Parks, but under George W. Bush and the Republican Congress Gun Rights for Corporations were expanded as Gun Manufacturers were given total immunity for any and all lawsuits by Real Americans.

Now, why would that be? Because, Republicans will protect a Corporation and their "right" to harm Americans at every instance. Of course, since you seem to be brainwashed by the Faux News and NRA lies that Obama is comin' fer yer guns these facts won't matter.

XDsteel said...

Ha! Only because it was attached to the Credit card Bill that Obama wanted.

Right to harm? Please spare me this BS. You Seem to be brainwashed by MSNBC and the Brady Campaign so now who seems biased.