Thursday, October 22, 2015

Conservative Domestic Terrorists: The Thin White Line o' Heroes

Oh a gaggle of right-wing buffoons descended upon the DC Mall till the DroneZ began to Roll*
The Truckers Ride to Overthrow Freedom?
The Neoconfederate Second American Revolution led by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in which Larry Kayman demanded the arrest and lynching of President Obama?
Operation American Spring?

Unlike the Cliven Bundy Insurrection, in which white power conservatives declared their intent to murder Law Enforcement Officers while using women as human shields, most of the Right-Wing "Rallies" have been flacid affairs. The latest convergence of Confederate flag waving, gun humping, right-wing domestic terrorists in Roseburg, Oregon was organized by Casey Runyan, a convicted Drunk Driving, Domestic Battery, and Aggravated Assault felon (i.e. a Conservative) degenerated into the standard conservative rhetoric of Kenyan Go Home, blah, blah, blah, boring...

I used to lament that all of these Trumped-Up Right-Wing Faux Protests got big-time media coverage but, then I realized while it's good to have mounds of evidence of the rabid reactionary right-wingers it alone will never change the minds of mainstream conservatives or old-school Republicans or the soft middle-of-the-road people who have been conditioned by the Media to believe Both Sides Do It.

Republicans have enjoyed playing with the Tea Party fire with their repeated proclaimations Obama is a Tyrant, with the non-stop Faux News coverage of Obama's "unlawfullness", and with repeated mailers warning Obama's coming fer Yer Guns!

But, as more and more Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists follow through and murder Americans the last 16 months of Obama's Presidency may see the full bloody flowering of the Republican Call-to-Arms.

The Republican Southern Strategy was a deal with the devil that ensured electoral victories but, unleashed the most putrid and vile elements of the Right and let them fly their Confederate Freak Flags High.

It seemed a perfect marriage for the GOP, they got the fervor and energy of the right-wing bigots and the Plutocracy got to advance the Agenda of Overthrowing the American Democracy and creating a Neo-Feudal Wage Slave State owned by Plutocrats with the American people shackled in Corporate Bondage.

But, while Republicans have been advancing the Agenda of the 1%, the stark white underbelly of Conservatism has been gaining strength and power. Now, the two terms President Obama have unleashed the Monstrous Id of the Right-Wing White Supremacists.

There is a small, but growing segment of American Society that yearns for open fighting and a new Civil War. This Thin White Line o' Heroes are inspired by The Turner Diaries and seek a Trumped-Up Casus Beli to justify their murder of blacks, gays, liberals, immigrants, and Democratic politicans.

The NRA and Right-Wing Incestuous Internet think the Second Amendment is the most likely rallying cry, but look as well at how these Faux Heroes flock to every right-wing criminal, carnival barker, and con-man looking for the new Shot Heard Round the World which will be the Start of the Right-Wing Revolution.

Many conservatives, like Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller thought The Cliven Bundy Insurrection was that very spark, but President Obama and AG Eric Holder wisely pulled the federal Law Enforcement Officers back. Conservatives then pivoted to declaring the military exercises of Jade Helm, were a covert attempt by Obama to Usurp the Consititution despite the repeated press conferences by the U.S. military.

While the Gun Cultists, III Inchers, Oathbreakers, Unconstitutional Sheriffs, Alex Jones Acolytes and other militias don't think they themselves will be able to defeat the American Military, what they believe is that once the shooting starts some or possibly most of the military, local, state, and federal law enforcement will flock to their banner and aid them in their Revolution. Thus, Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists style themselves the Vanguard of the Revolution. (Hat Tip to BadTux the Snarky Penguin for posting about Ted Cruz's give me money email)
*- Extrapolated from Rudyard Kipling's Tommy -
O it's the "thin red line of heroes" when the drums begin to roll


Dervish Sanders said...

...once the shooting starts some or possibly most of the military, local, state, and federal law enforcement will flock to their banner and aid them in their Revolution.

This is a total fantasy. If any Conservative domestic terrorists attempt a coup they will end up dead or behind bars. There will not be enough ralliers to overthrow the government. And, it's as much of a fantasy for Ted Cruz to say Obama is coming for anyone's guns. So stupid. When Hillary is president the Right will be fearmongering about her coming for the guns... and the RW morons will be convinced it's about to happen.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Absolutely correct. The Republican Party mo is to keep their duped conservative followers in a frantic lather about the latest liberal tyranny. And at some point their rightwing drones are going to wonder why with such an existential that to liberty the gop does nothing.