Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Democratic Presidential Debate

It was good to finally see compassionate, intelligent, rational people conducting a Presidential Debate. The Republican candidates are a cadre of charltans, flim-flam artists, con men, bigots, racists, misogynists, madmen, and morons, whose only answers to the Nations problems are to see who can screech loudest when reciting the right-wing values of Intolerance, Oppression, and Adulation of the Rich.

But, the Democratic Debate was a cordial affair by professionals. Refreshing. And encouraging because the American People got to hear liberal ideas for the problems we face.

Bernie Sanders came prepared and was able to bring most questions back to his main beliefs about unregulated Capitalism being the root cause of the problems we're facing.

Besides Bernie's best moments bringing everything back to Vulture Capitalism he also shined when he stepped up for Hillary and forcefully noted, 'Americans are sick and tired hearing about emails,' because he knows the American People want a President who is going to acknowledge and beat back the 40 year Right-Wing Assault on the Working Class. Bernie was also spot on when he stated of Wall Street, "Wall Street regulates Congress".

Hillary was able to parry the Benghazi attacks by pointing out the Benghazi Select Committee is an "arm of the Republican Nation Committee," designed to lower her poll numbers and HRC was poised, very charming and seemingly at ease.

Jim Webb stated he killed a guy in Vietnam and then chided Bernie for calling for a Revolution, but mainly complained (rightly) about his lack of equal time.

Lincoln Chafee seemed like the genial North Eastern Patrician who tripped up when asked about Glass-Steagal.

And Martin O'Malley came off better than I expected and while I know liberals in Maryland don't like him, he correctly pointed out that the Republican Field would have had a debate about who can repress women the most and who can insult immigrants the loudest.

Many of the questions were designed to attack President Obama and his policies and fortunately, all of the candidates hewed closely to Barack (with a few exceptions) and didn't indulge the Media who desperately want to recreate their Strategy of 2000 and fool the Democratic Candidates to distance themselves from another successful and popular Democratic President.

As Hillary Clinton noted, 'There is such a big difference between what you heard during the Democratic Debate and the bufoonish three-ring circus of abhorent clowns who call themselves Republicans but are better known as the Enemies of the American People.'

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