Friday, October 16, 2015

Republican Dennis Hastert is going to jail. Every other Republican should as well.

Hastert just entered a guilty plea in his Hush Money Case which means he'll avoid a Criminal Trial which would have revealed a minimum number of boys he molested. This is par for the course for Republicans, who engage in despicable criminal actions and quietly admit guilt years later after they've done maximum damage to the Nation.

Dennis Hastert, "Coach" of the Republican Party, took over the Speakership in the House after the faithless and despicable Newt Gingrich was forced out for one of his many transgressions and ethical violations.

As such Hastert led the Republicans as they continued their assault on President Bill Clinton and backed every course of action undertaken by the War Criminals W(orst POTUS Ever) and Dick Cheney. This is beyond mere hypocrisy. Republicans are very, very evil people and the most recent examples in Illinois, the shockingly profligate Aaron Schock and molesting Coach Hastert, are just a microcosm of the Republican Party in toto.

Everywhere across the USA we see Republicans engaged in blatant crimes, as well as crimes against the American People in service to their Rich Plutocratic Overlords.

Republicans seek and succeed in restricting voting, they deregulate and decriminalize overt financial, environmental and murderous crimes by Corporations, they defund Governmental Agencies empowered to curb the Rapacious behavior of the Vulture Capitalists who pull the Republicans' Strings, they obstruct and impede efforts to keep Americans safe from the blood-soaked NRA and Gun Makers.

For years Republicans have gotten away with imposing the Will of the 1% on the Nation by couching their rhetoric with false claims of piety, vague descriptions of liberty and freedom, and the braggadocio of Chicken Hawks claiming Stolen Valor, while invoking the boogeymen of Gay Marriage and Welfare Queens to demonize the Left.

However, we've seen a demonstrable shift in the Republican Lies of late, as they've adopted a Faux Populism and tried to co-opt the message of economic fairness. Of course, this is all a ruse for whenever a Republican is elected he (still overwhelmingly pudgy old white men) immediately goes about enacting the Policies of Wage Slavery and Corporate Bondage, while conservative dupes happily fasten the shackles of Our Oppressors about themselves and others.

Bernie Sanders has called for a Revolution of Voting. This is exactly right. America will not be freed of the tyrannical jaws of the Plutocracy until we vote out their Guard Dogs and replace them with Real Americans not controlled by the Billionaires and Massive Undying Corporate "Persons".


Jerry Critter said...

The only way things are going to improve is for people to vote. The politicians are not going to do it unless we convince them that their jobs depend on it. We do that by voting.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Exactly correct Jerry Critter. It is because Voting does change things that the Republicans are trying to make it illegal. It's why Right-Wingers make it harder to vote, take away voting rights, and fight against making Election Days National Holidays. They do everything the can to make Voting harder because they know in aggregate people vote for Social Safety Nets and Government Regulations the exact things the Owners of the Republicans do not want.

XDsteel said...

I as I agree that Dennis Hasert should go to jail for alleged Child Molestation charges, It would be kind of difficult seeing that the Victim in this case black mailed Hasert and would compromise the trial. Soo there is a bigger picture here Grunge but obviously that doesn't fit into hate fill rage against ALL Republicans.. by the way it isn't the Rupubs committing crimes but again that would not work in your propaganda. Also have this thing against Gun Makers? Why? Who do you think Arms then Military? If you are som against Guns change the AMendment. Link here to get started .

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes, yes, yes, I know in Right-Wing World when a Republican is accused of a heinous crime like child molestation, the victim then black mailing said Republican is actually committing the worse crime. But, Hastert agreed to this plea in order to keep any testimony about the number of victims he abused and the types of abuse he inflicted sealed.

And China arms the US Military.

XDsteel said...

Fine Grung I am happy if they prosecute both the victim and Hasert. Most likely Hasert would get off because the Victim would be unreliable and the Victim would be convicted and any future cases of this type would be hard to take to court because of this case. Just saying. I wasn't saying from a "republican" world you claim but from the real world and real experience, but you are soooo Narrow minded you don't understand the Criminal Justice System. nice try

Grung_e_Gene said...


.....ha.............. guffaw .............. ha ha ha ha ................ he he he he ....... sigh.........

Oh man. I needed a good laugh today. Thank You. I know the Criminal Justice System very well. I've been arresting perps, testifying in Circuit Court, and in front of Grand Juries for a decade.

What you appear to be missing is, if Old Molesting Coach Denny went to open trial on his federal bank fraud case, abuse victims would be coming for him and all that testimony would be out there available for EVERYONE to see. And that Denny doesn't want made public.

BTW, I have an XD(M) .40cal so I do comprehend your moniker.

XDsteel said...

Jee so have I, ok maybe not as long but close enough.

Maybe, you are just speculating. Like I said I not saying he doesnt beling in jail, he does, but obviously the prosecutor decided not to.

Thank you the xdm is nice. I pefer a Beretta.