Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today's Republican Party are collateral damage in the War on Liberals

While I don't necessarily believe Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the Vanguard of New Republican Party, since not a single vote in the Primaries has even been cast, it is nonetheless easy to see what their appeal is and why they seem to be ascendant.

After the 60's, the Republicans made a deal with the John Bircher Reactionary Right-Wingers, tapping into their boundless butt-hurt energy, religious bigotry, and simmering racial resentment, in order to win elections. And it worked, Republicans got Nixon, Reagan, and W elected twice, those 3 Villians alone did massive damage to the Nation as was intended. But, they also succeeded in taking Congress several times, enacting the 1994 Contract on America for instance, and numerous other state and local offices.

But, along the way the conservatives began to inflitrate all levels of the Republican Party and displace the so-called "RINOs", until the GOP effectively became their party.

The establishment Republican candidates for President in 2016, are confused and annoyed. Back in 1900, William Denali McKinnley "campaigned" for President by sitting on his Ohio Porch waiting to be awarded the Presidency by the Party Leaders. Today's Republicans are expecting the same sort of coronation. They don't understand what's happened to their Party.

Of course, what's happened is for the last 35 years Republicans have been promising to destroy Liberalism, bring about the New Dawn, recreate the Never Was Shining-Utopia-on-a-Hill, and haven't delievered. Conservatives have been greedily eating a steady diet of right-wing shit and plutocratic pablum and are sitting around, usually working hard at two or three jobs, wondering why they aren't millionaires? So, conservatives have decided to Take their Country Back and Make America Great Again.

Having sucked in the Propaganda for decades, conservatives fully believe the US to be a Center-Right Nation and that Conservatism can never fail, it can only be failed. They're sick and tired of half-measures and "liberals" like George W(orst Potus Ever) Bush, Eric Cantor, and the new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

They need someone in Government who is going to undo all the "Tyranny" President Obama enacted during his "lawless" 8 years. They need someone who is going to undo all the free give aways that Obama gave to the "blaaaaaa-ck people". They need someone who's going to be "tough" with Iran, show Putin who's the boss, enshrine Christianity as the National Religion, eliminate the EPA (for some reason), kick out the Mexicans, torture the Muslims, while putting women, blacks, and liberals back in their place.

They yearn for someone with Undiluted Conservative Evil, a Pure Blooded Right-Winger, who will tap the pleasure centers of their petty, mean, bigoted, hateful, and vicious brains.

You're either with them... Or against them.


W. Hackwhacker said...

It's as if anyone who would've been institutionalized 40 years ago ended up today being mainstreamed into society as a Republican.

Jerry Critter said...

They are definitely the party of the crazies!

One Fly said...

What ever they are I see enough liking their shit that it's totally possible one of these fucks can get elected.

Patrica was scary for me but the thought of that is much worse.

Tom Harper said...

Conservatives love Vladimir Putin for his no-nonsense manliness, and they love Islamic theocracies for their Zero Tolerance of any sort of sin or dissent. So they call their god a different name -- Allah, God, tomato, tomahto...

If only they were bright enough to understand what they're projecting and what their true loves are. They could move to Russia and/or the Islamic theocracy of their choice, and they'd live happily ever after. Everybody wins.

Grung_e_Gene said...

W Hackwhacker, The JBS worked dilgently to "catapult the propaganda" and now they have at least 2 generations who ardently believe fake conservative history.

Jerry Critter, Crazy would absolve them, conservatives are villians they are cognizant of their choices, and their choices are spite, intolerance, oppression, bigotry and adulation of the rich.

One Fly, it's absolutely frightening that 45% of the people who make it to the polls will vote for one of these things. Often in spite, indeed because of, the things uncovered about them.

Tom Harper, They do love a Tyrant and Theocracy as long as its' their Tyranny and Theocracy being forced on the rest. I do wish they would follow through on threats to leave or go galt and just do it.