Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Love Everyday People

One of the most transparent tactics used by McCain during the contest was to create an American Everyman, Joe the Plumber (JTP). A caricature of Average Joe Six-Pack America. The press then obliged the McCain Camp by attacking JTP allowing Malkin to beat her breast and wail about JTP Derangement Syndrome.

So it turns out, Mr. Wurtzelbacher received welfare when growing up. Dude, I understand sometimes people need a hand up or a handout but it seems especially hardhearted (or downright hypocritical) for JTP to now be decrying Obama for his eviiiiil Marxist plan of spreading the wealth.

Even though I am a Minarchist I recognize if given their druthers large corporate bodies would probably use up workers (or conceal safety reports about Coal Mines, even in 2008) as they did in the 19th century, discarding coal miners after they got injured in a mine collapse or cutting ties with railroad conductors after their arms were ripped off in train related accidents.

Consequently, I am not in favor of tossing people out of their homes and onto the street and applaud the decision of the Cook County Sheriff in October of stopping foreclosure evictions or denying those in dire need of handouts/aid/training akin to welfare, which Mr. Wurtzelbacher hates. Man it's hard to be conflicted about political beliefs, if only I had the fervent convictions of that Most American Male Sean Hannity, that Liberals are evil traitors.

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