Friday, November 7, 2008

The Party Purge

Redstate has begun a party purge in order that their messiah, the Bright Once and Future Queen Palin may ascend to political godhead status. They call it Operation Leper. Additionally, Michelle Malkin has taken up the Palin banner and is accusing anyone who points out Palin is an ignorant woman of cowardly character assassination.

Earlier this year over and Democratic Underground the DU had a similar purge of hatred as the Obamabots and Hillirites fought each other for months and months over the nomination.

It's clear Party Idealogy is more important to most of these people than Individuals. Getting their power player into control of the vast Apparatus of Government is paramount. Because once that person is in power they can exert control over other Americans.

This is why I have little faith Obama will change anything. Under his regime the Plutocratic class will still control America and individuals will still be the property of the state.

To paraphrase Emma Goldman, If voting could change anything, it would be against the law.

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