Monday, November 3, 2008

Whatca Gonna Do?

When Obamania runs wild over you, Sarah?

How can real patriotic pro-Americans support a president who thinks the terrorists are the good guys, whose islamic pastor damn's America, whose election means Death to Israel, whose wife doesn't love America, who would be a Neo-Marxist president?

What happens when he issues signing statements to not respect laws passed by Congress? What happens when he overthrows a a government run by a brutal dictator and frees millions of people but then get the US involved in long war and an open ended Utopian Nation building program? What happens when his vice president shoots a man in the face and then hides from local law enforcement for 24 hours? Will you just accept these outrages?

But how to resist? How do you brave brave souls resist his encroachment on your rights? Clearly, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Loyal Subject Sean Hannity believes violent resistance to a government and even speaking out against one's country to be unacceptable.

How do you intend to live One Day as A Lion? Well, I don't think Hannity, she who shall be never named, Bill Cunningham, Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Lars Larson, Melanie Morgan, Michelle Malkin are going to do anything except continue to spout their invective over the airwaves, Which according to Rush Limbaugh and Malkin readers Obama's grandmother faked her death in order to get the sympathy vote for Obama.

Oh well.

I am against government. The corporate class continues to dominate and control vast wealth and power. It continues to pit poor and middle-class americans against one another and American workers against workers in other Nations both figuratively and literally. The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex continues to siphon of Trillions of dollars in the production of death. My leanings tend towards restriction/destruction of coercive authority and a move towards Minarchism/Anarchism. But, I don't have a specific target. I would never fight against police officers or soldiers because they are cogs in the machine and not the problem. And as I am not imbued with superpowers like V or Neo to strike out and destroy the Machinery itself I restrict myself to education of self and others. And as long as people abide by the Non-Aggression Principle I'm more than willing to let other people do as they will.

But, to the Freepers Obama is the enemy they hate! He is The One whom they need to fight against. Limbaugh is on air saying Obama is going to destroy America. And the real Americans are going to do nothing for the next four years?

And when thinking about the Obama/Ayers guilt by association game never forget Judas kept some excellent friends.

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