Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love to read Dailykos and FreeRepublic

because when someone breaks with political orthodoxy they are subjected to the Shame Circle.

This is what it must have been like to be a member of a religious community over the last 2000 years. If you dare flex your brain, think and possibly disagree with the entrenched power and accepted dogma the group surrounds you and ridicules you. No wonder it's taking so long for man to break free of the shackles of religion and enhanced tribalism (a.k.a. nationalism).

Donald Trump says Bush is bad and should have been impeached. And even though Trump endorses McCain, the supermericans at FreeRepublic must punish him for his heretical views on Our Glorious Bush who singlehanded defeated Terrorism forever! Trump must be brought back into the fold on W. He must be insulted personally, he must be insulted on physical appearance.

Christopher Hitches, a pro-Iraq War, decided anti-islamic to the extreme gentleman who champions reason and hates religion dares to point out Sarah Tall and Palin has no clothes and is roundly chastised. He is a drunk! We hate him! Boo!

Laura Ingraham one of the ideological descendants of Phyllis Schlafly declares "She can't believe" Hitchens would break from the Orthodoxy and vote for Obama!

This isn't a right or left thing it's a power and conformity issue. Both sides know they have listened to the true prophets and the other side has listened to false ones. One doesn't dare differ.

However, I guess it's comforting No Congressman has declared there should be trials for those who dare to stand up. I mean it's not like those people who hold different views are Anti-American or something....

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