Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baseball proves God exists and

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Pour Your Misery Down
Pour Your Misery Down on Me
Pour Your Misery Down
Pour Your Misery Down on Me
~ Only Happy When It Rains, Garbage

The Cubs resoundingly lost both home games to the Dodgers (7-2 and 10-3) and find themselves down 2 games to none in a best of 5 series. Technically, it's not over but...

It's been tough being a Cubs fan for the last 25 years. If prayer were real then, I believe the Cubs should probably have won the World Series in 1969, 1984, and 2003. What is the explanation for those losses and the 100 years of Cubs misery?

The sinful nature of Chicago Cubs fans? (Quick somebody go and sacrifice that damn Billy Goat!)
Can't we find at least One Good Man in Chicago?
Predestination? Lack of Unconditional Election for Cubs supporters?

And what should believers take from the success of the Yankees in the past 85 years? Are their fans and players more righteous or praying harder? What explains the recent salvation of Red Sox Nation? New found piety? A return to the graces of god? War in Heaven?

Unlike many of the absolutely devastated Cubs fans over the 2 resounding defeats in Wrigley Field at the hands of the LA Dodgers, I will not decry and lambaste the Cubs players personally. With the exception of Aramis Ramierz alleged involvement in cockfighting over the previous winter I can't think of any criminal actions perpetrated by the players. Derek Lee had only an okay baseball season but it is my understanding he is a good and dutiful father who has set up a charity (to which he devotes a large amount of time and money) to curing macular degeneration.

No, sadly the Cubs as a team are not playing winning baseball during the Division Series. And with only 3 games needed to win, the Cubs 2 losses almost certainly doom their fans to lament and declare yet again "Wait till Next Year".

I think the Baseball playoff system is deeply flawed. But because this is tied into millions and millions of dollars it's not going to change except for the possible addition of more games. It makes little sense to play 162 (or 163 if you happen to be White Sox) and then find that 3 losses abrogate the entire last 6 months. It needs to change.

But, even if the playoff system does change, the probability of a Cubs World Series victory is just below that of the Mayan End of the World Prophecy in 2012.

After a discussion of the miserable Cubs with friends last night I offered up my suggestion for a changes to the Playoff System.
Idea 1: Reduce the Regular season to 150 or 154 games (play more double headers) and have a 9 game LDS and 9 game LCS and retain the 7 game WS.
Idea 2: Again reduce the Regular season to 150 or 154 games and have 3 Division winner and 3 Wildcards. Top 2 division winners get the first round 5 game series off, resting up for the winners of the wildcard worst division for Round 2.
Idea 3: The wildcard team and the worst division winner get ZERO or Only ONE home playoff game in the first round.

Update 2:
It's over. Dream crushingly over.


13 Stoploss said...

I feel your pain. My halos were supposed to take the Cubs out in 6 games in the World Series. Not looking too well for either of us....

13 Stoploss said...

i now feel your pain, except my team was better this year. :)

for the record, I had halos over the cubs in 6.