Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Echo Effect

The best thing about the internet is it allows the user to read and re-read the same stories which conform to their already held beliefs without the hassle of being bothered by dissenting opinion.

This rabid election cycle has placed the Echo Effect front and center.

One of the latest revelations centers around ACORN.

I never heard of ACORN but after Michelle Malkin posted a story on her site, The Echo Effect began; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

The First problem is an accusation is not a conviction. An investigation is not a conviction. Quite frankly, even arrests aren’t convictions. But, the accusation is enough. ACORN 2008 will join the Florida Voter Purges in 2000 and the I’ll Deliver Ohio in 2004 as another in the long line of stolen elections. The problem is each side (as though there are only ever two) treats the accusation as proof of the evil of the other side, while ignoring any impropriety on their side. It's part of the Noble Lie Theory. It's okay to lie if your guy (who is good and just) defeats their guy (who is evil and sinful).

Obama is going to win the presidency, but I don’t even know why Obama woud want to be president. You can be assured during his entire administration that side will engage in non-stop BBC (Blame Barack Campaign) closely aligned with ABC (Always Blame Clinton).

I think these breathless ACORN revelations will stand alongside the claims Obama is a secret muslim, doesn’t have US citizenship, is in cahoots with terrorists, is a raging black militant, wants to raise your taxes and will "surrender" in Iraq as a building block to support the 4 years of constant attacks which will be leveled against Obama. I'm willing to bet Sean Hannity will spend a segment of every show form 2009-2013 placing blame on Obama.

Obama is going to be set up as the reason anything and everything bad happens to the "country". Of course, the possibilty exists Obama’s Cabinet will sponsor ideas, laws and policies which do not help Americans. It's posssible but at this point the evidence doesn't exist he'll intentionally push a policy designed to harm the American people. There is a difference between policies which do not work out as planned and have bad consequences and policies which are intentionally set up and have bad consequences.

There is no doubt Bush’s policies were intentionally set up and that is a fundemental difference between any bad effects which follow. The Bush Administration had intent behind their schemes.

Iraq is far from won. Afghanistan has been allowed to fester. The economy isn’t going to get better for the lowly Plebians. Enter the Fall Guy.

Unhinged Anger


Mandy said...

You had never heard of ACORN? That shows a couple of things (1) you lied to make this story more believable and outrageous (2) you are ignorant to the outside world which discreits your legitimacy; or (3) you see what you want to see. I was an Obama supporter, until I read his book he advertised on his website and TV. I scourged its contents and found something...he wants to mandate everything from on high. In the 60+ pages he mentions mandate or require a total of 134 times. What country does he think this is. Open you eyes, learn something, and become informed. At the end of the day you will still support Obama, which is fine, but at least you did your due diligence.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes! I am "ignorant", and I "lied", and/or I "see what I want to see"!

Thanks mandy!

mandy, What country do you think this is?

Mandy said...

Good come back. Thanks for scooting the questions and changing the subject. How mature of you. I was just pointing out the unbelievability that you had never heard of ACORN until two days ago. Or was that your attempt at hyperbole?

This is the United States of America. A country not foundeded on a overpowering central government. Don't attempt to even try to belitle me with your immaturity.

If you are going to have a blog you need to learn how to take and give criticism, not attack when I comment. Let's try this again.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Wow, you can read all that into the words I typed?
Ma'am I believe you began the name calling and you called my story "outrageous" and called into question my "legitimacy".

While I know tone is nigh-impossible to convey I didn't make a single comment about you, your family, your intelligence or anything of the like so I would like to know exactly what you perceived to be an attack.

Yet you have responded by pointing out my alleged "immaturity" twice. And claiming I am "belittling" you.

You posed a (perhaps) rhetorical question to Obama about what country he thinks this is.

I apologize that while I was in the Corps I didn't hear about ACORN nor when I got back to the States I didn't care about grass roots activism. I have no retort if your find that "unbelievable".

The United States wasn't founded on overpowering central authority? Then what was the Civil War about? What was the Whiskey Rebellion about? To whom do you pay your federal, social security and medicare taxes to? Why is this election at all important if the central authority doesn't control people?

As to your points I don't know what questions I scooted. Is it the 134 mentions of mandate/require in his book?

I will take to heart your advice that blog ownership requires the need to learn how to take criticism.

Anonymous said...

Allegations that will not amount to anything? ACORN has been at it for a while. Here is a little reminder of how they helped (they're nonpartisan right?) get Senator McCaskill elected.

ran said...


You lying, ignorant, myopic, fool! :P

All jokes aside from Mandy and her husband's anti-ACORN blog which it looks like she anonymously linked to in that last comment, I heard of ACORN back when the whole Alberto Gonzales fiasco was going on. One of the attorneys he later fired was ordered to look into ACORN and find some charges to file against them. He couldn't find anything so he was fired.

I think the easiest way to allay Mandy's fears of registration fraud would be to institute automatic voter registration for all citizens over 18. I don't think everybody should be required to vote, but just be registered...that way, ACORN couldn't do such dastardly things. It would strengthen our democracy by promoting greater participation while removing room for fraud by any group. It sounds like a win-win situation.