Wednesday, October 15, 2008

President McCain

John McCain should have won the republican nomination in 2000. But, the Bush regime used the most low and untrue accusations to destroy his campaign and allow Bush to, eventually, steal the 2000 election.

I wonder if those who supported Bush in 2000 think McCain would have done a better job at guiding the Nation after 9/11. I do.

For one thing I know President McCain would not have explicitly endorsed Torture as Bush did. And McCain would not have ignored the pre-9/11 warnings as Bush did and stopped the terror attack. You see McCain having real military experience would understand war and threats to American in a way Bush never had and never will.

But, the Bush Campaign attacked Cindy McCain as a drug addict, alleged McCain had an illegitamite "mixed-race*" baby, questioned McCain's patriotism including floating the theory McCain was the Vietnam Manchurian Candidate. Bush also attacked McCain military record. Bush stood arm-in-arm with a man named J. Thomas Burch to claim McCain forgot and abandoned veterans after Vietnam. (Now of course, when the IAVA released it's Report Card on Veterans Issues and gave McCain a D, it was attacked as partisan politics). Bush also out-Christianed McCain.

Those attacks on McCain were despicable. Do the McCain supporters who voted Bush in absolve themselves and the Bush regime of their role in sliming and slandering McCain?

Of course, the thought of President Palin should scare everyone from voting for the female Bush.

*- Race is a bullshit construct.

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