Sunday, November 13, 2022

The American people again reject Republicans

Thanks Millennials!  Okay! Zoomers!

The 18-29 year olds turned out in the second highest numbers since the 1970's, only 2018's turnout was higher. Additionally, according to the Edison Research National Election Pool exit poll, the national youth vote choice for the U.S. House of Representatives was 63% for Democrats, 35% for Republicans.

Now, while we can stop and applaud the youth involvement we can lament that 27% is a high achievement.  If... the Millennials realized that by getting 50% turnout (just half) they would swamp, the apathetic and small Gen X and rapidly dying white boomers, they would set the agenda for the Nation.  

I believed the 2016 elections would be the last gasp of aging white boomer rage and I was right, in a sense, but, now for the 3rd straight elections (2018, 2020, 2022) Americans overwhelmingly rejected what Republicans and Rightwingers represent.  In fact, Americans consistently reject Rightwing policies and vote against Republicans; including the Presidency, which a Republican has only won the popular vote once in 32 years.  And as polling on all issues facing the American people show, the United States is a Center-Left Nation.  Unfortunately, the United States was set up to mimic a Republic and was more accurately perceived as an Oligarchy.  The Republicans have latched onto the built-in undemocratic elements to retain power and control.  

But, the GQP is a dead party. Or more accurately an Undead Party.  And the Zombie Corpse of the GQP stalks the Nation infecting and killing each state that they can and turning them likewise into Reactionary Ghouls further preying upon the remaining body politic of the Untied States.

The bloated zombie besetting the Land
But, this year the bloated vampire Trump saddled Republicans with his thralls in numerous states which as we see Americans rejected.  The best thing Trump could have done for his legacy was to die of covid in October 2020.  Because then rightwingers could have elevated him to the martyred prince.. the onec and future king.  His election would have been assured if not for villainous Dr Fauci killing him.  His string of "victories" would have gone down as the greatest in US history his legend would pass into myth.  Instead Trump had presided over 3 disastrous elections and is fatally damaging his aura by attacking the heir apparent, Florida Governor Ron DeathSentence.

Already we've seen some knives come out for Trump but, the jabs have been tepid and led by Republicans whom the rightwing base do not venerate,
"I think Trump's kind of a drag on our ticket.  I think Donald Trump gives us problems, politically. We lost the House, the Senate and the White House in two years when Trump was on the ballot, or in office." Paul Ryan.  Now, certainly Republicans would love to be able to pin everything on Trump and go back their slow-moving Coup.

The only way Republicans win elections is by voter apathy (which they cultivate), voter suppression  (which they create), and voter intimidation (which they stimulate).  But, even with these nefarious methods The Democrats are going to gain a Senate seat, several US House seats flipped, didn't lose any toss-up contests, and every district touching the Pacific Ocean is represented by a Democratic Rep, Democrats gained control of the Michigan statehouse, Democrats won Governors races throughout the Rustbelt and Southwest, and perhaps most importantly, abortion referendums in numerous states protected Women's rights.

But, there are no eternal victories and the struggle in 2022 isn't over yet.  Getting Senator Reverend R. Warnock re-elected (as the 51st Senator) is the last victory of this battle and the first step in the next one.

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