Monday, June 19, 2017

Yet again, Conservatives love when Police Officers kill black people. Philando Casitle edition

Yet, again black Americans are forced to swallow a miscarriage of justice.  There are some unforgivable crimes in America;  Poverty, Immigration, and Blackness.

With the advent of cell phone cameras, the public is seeing over and over again the extrajudicial treatment of black America at the hands (and most often barrel of a gun) of the police.

Philando Castile was murdered last summer in Minnesota for the crime of unforgivable blackness.  The defense attorney ran down the list of excuses conservatives always reach for to justify the murder of a black man,
"We have him ignoring his commands. He’s got a gun. He might be the robber. He’s got marijuana in his car,” Mr. Gray told jurors. “Those are the things in Officer Yanez’s head."
These deplorable lies; Castile looks like a bank robber, the officer smells pot, are trotted out to provide right-wingers cover when they justify murder and to buttress their fascist programming all blacks are criminals.  Because conservatives ardently believe that all blacks are criminals.

But, the deplorable NRA has been silent about this murder.  And this would seem to be a huge error on their part.  This incident has the elements of everything the NRA has warned America.  A perfect case for the NRA to burnish their so-called defense of gun owners rights in the face of government tyranny.  But, the NRA can not muster a defense of Philando Castile and the reason is glaringly obvious.

The NRA, as a staunch conservative group, also believes all black people are criminals and thinks this shooting was just and lawful.  The Second Amendment is not for black people.

Of course, so-called Patriot groups are silent about government injustice as well.

This would seem to be difficult to understand until one realizes the Oathbreakers, III Inchers, Unconstitutional Sheriffs of America, and all other right wing militias don't exist to address government malfeasance but, to act as a paramilitary arm for advancing the fascist agenda of The Republican Party.

Of course, conservatives might trot out Criminal Sheriff David Clarke as proof they don't believe all blacks are criminals, but Clarke (or Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell) is the token right-wingers invoke to provide cover for their rampant racism and conservatives love David Clarke because Clarke trained under Vladimir Putin in Russia to learn how to murder prisoners under his command.

Donald Trump rose to the Presidency by realizing that conservatives have been aching for Republicans to drop the dog-whistle politics and loudly and proudly proclaim outright racism and unvarnished bigotry,

Conservative thinking, such as it is, is a fetid swamp of anger, petulance, racism, and the demand for unequal protection under law.  So, don't expect conservatives to rally to #blacklivesmatter or clamour for Colin Kaepernick any time soon.  Conservatives love when black people are murdered.

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