Thursday, June 15, 2017

No Sympathy for Steve Scalise and the Republican Gun Humpers?

I have a hard time finding sympathy for the injured Republican Steve Scalise.  It's not a lack of empathy or a desire for him to be injured but, an understanding You Live by the Sword, You Die by the Sword.

Other Americans were killed yesterday during mass shootings my sympathies go to their families, who received miniscule news coverage as the media breathlessly covered the baseball field shootings.  The media couldn't get enough of the blubbering by Republican Congressmen who finally heard a shot fired in anger and experienced the traumas visited upon Americans daily because of the efforts of the Republicans in Congress to ensure guns are everywhere.

Steve Scalise bragged about defeating sensible minor gun control legislation.  Scalise spearheaded the Republican effort to ensure mentally ill people can easily obtain firearms.  The entire Republican platform vis-a-vis guns revolves around no controls whatsoever.

Senator Rand Paul lovingly retweeted Faux News resident senior legal crank Andrew Napolitano. Steve Scalise and the Republicans allied with the Bundy Insurrections against the U.S. Goverment.  When you invoke the blood of patriots and tyrants you don't get to choose which one you are.

In fact the conservative jursipurdence has been devolving into guns are the ultimate arbitrator of legal disputes for some time now.  Conservatives defended George Zimmerman's shooting and murder of Trayvon Martin.  Conservatives defended Darren Wilson's shooting and denial of 4th Amendment Due Process rights to Michael Brown.  Conservatives defended the shooting of a 12 year black child in Cleveland.  In fact, there hasn't been one shooting of a black person conservatives haven't found legally acceptable.

Thousands of Conservatives and high profile Republicans have been explicitly invoking armed violence as a means to effecting political change for the past 8 years.

But, as long as the violence was seemingly contained to Chicago's South Side, Republicans could elide culpability with a wink and a smarmy smile, while stoking the right-wing flames of fascism and riding the waves of anger to election victories.  The Nation is awash in easily obtainable firearms.  The Republican Party has been pushing the elimination of all gun restrictions.  And now Republicans have had a tiny taste of what their policies have done to the Nation.

So, I'm not sorry Republican Congressman Chuck Fleischmann doesn't feel safe at a baseball field, perhaps now he understands how parents in Georgia felt when a gun humping lunatic brandished his handgun as they arrived with their children and then were told there was nothing the Deputies could do because of Georgia's non-existent gun laws.


A Gal Named Doris said...

You sound so very stupid!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Hey, A Guy Named Boris,

Do you know what the dumbest part of your comment is? Any guesses? It's that my written words don't *sound* like anything. They only *sound* when read outloud or in your head. So what sounds so very stupid? why it is your own dumbass voice. Boom!