Thursday, June 29, 2017

Guns Save Lives! Don't Drink the Water. Choose not to get sick. Republicans offer up their Obamacare Alternatives i.e. Die

Granny Straving P90X Ryan has a message for America, "I would not bet against Mitch McConnell". Nor would I.  McConnell's desire to cosign millions of Americans to an early grave is evident on his plump comfortable face.  Paul Ryan's earliest dreams were of denying the poor, sick, and old of healthcare rights.  Now, Paul Aynryan has seized the opportunity to make his dreams of shredding the social safety net to transfer that money to the rich into a nightmare for the poor and sick as Mitch McConnell tries to make Republicans Don't Care a reality.

Conservatives are so desperate to send millions of Americans whom they believe are underserving of basic rights to their deaths they will invent any number of ridiculous arguments;
"What if there are 15 million people who actually don't want to sign up for insurance but they were forced to, and have been counted because they were forced to under Obamacare? Is that part of the number that CBO gave us?" - Rich out-of-touch Plutocrat Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute. 
"How about letting other groups form -- not just employer based," Doctor Alieta Eck opined, "So if a group like the NRA or some other group..." - Guns Save Lives after all.
Since the Orangmanbabyus maladministration occupied America we have seen the strain of evil called conservatism inflicting its' degenerate lack of morals upon the American People.

Republicans hate America.  Conservatives hate the American Dream and want it crushed.  Conservatives are yearning for Trump to signal the go ahead to slaughter liberals, minorities, feminists, and every person in the United States who has the gall to act like an entitled White Person.

Remember, that briefest of moments when conservatives called for an end to the violent rhetoric?  Yeah, that was a ruse.  What conservatives want is for #blacklivesmatter and liberals to lay down and accept death at the hands of Republican bureaucrats and conservative murderers.  Here's right-wing domestic terrorist Dana Loesch calling for bloodshed in an NRA video (yes the same NRA Dr. Eck said would offer medical insurance)

The only difference between conservative "thought" and Republican policies is conservatives want to kill you right now whereas Republicans would like you to die after you've worked yourself to death's door.

But, if Americans have the temerity to live beyond their useful working years, Republicans have a plan for that contingency, gutting EPA regulations so Corporations can wantonly poison Americans.  After all you could always exercise some of the Paul Ryan "Freedom" and choose not to drink water.

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