Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sean Hannity likes Eric Trump because they both steal from charities

With such a constant stream of conservative chicanery, Republican obfuscation, general right-wing bullcrap, Cheetolini's incoherent tweets it's easy to miss how despicable the sleazy Trump clan is, until one of them oozes onto faux news and belches forth their justifications for crimes.

This was the scene a week ago or so when Eric Trump went onto Sean Hannity's faux news show.  Eric Trump has been using charity golf games as cover to steal millions of charity donations.  Those donations were earmarked for children's cancer research but, instead like everything the Trump family touches those monies got absorbed and sucked into the Trump black hole, a criminal enterprise so dense that not even fiat currency can escape it.

Sean Hannity, being no stranger to using a charity to steal money, having stolen over 97% of millions of dollars donated for Veterans, hosted Eric Trump, where ET declared those who oppose his father are not human beings, "To me, they're not even people."

Dehumanization of liberals, of minorities, of Democrats, of anyone and everyone who opposes the advancement of the fascist conservative agenda of Oppression, Intolerance, and Adulation of the Rich is always the first step.

Conservatism has been on a steady descent into a cesspool of bigots, grifters, racist hucksters, and religious hypocrites.  Right-Wingers are so down the rabbit hole they can not admit they've been taken in and are owned by thieves and liars.  Donald Trump and the Trump crime cartel saw their opening.

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