Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mass Shootings are the Ultimate Expression of White Male Privilege

There are many titles I could have come up with this post but, the recent details emerging from the latest Mass Shooting incident in Colorado changed its' direction.

So, the Mass Shooter was spotted by his neighbor who called 911 only to be told because of the crazy Open Carry and Stand Your Ground Laws forced down the throats of every American by the vicious NRA and blood-soaked Gun Manufacturers without one care about the health and right to life of We, the People there was nothing the Police could do.

Similar, incidents of weapon brandishing by Firearm Fuckers have happened in other states. When I'm on duty and see a person marching around with a weapon I don't think freedom loving 2A Champion, I think shooting about to go down. It used to be that openly displaying a weapon away from you own property was a crime but, of course, the shooter as a white male has the absolute right to threaten people with his gun implictly and explicitly. The resultant mass shootings are the ultimate expression of white male privilege.

Now, your average conservative asshole or gun-humping fanatic will immediately respond with Chicago!!! BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE!!! So, let's take a look at what's going on in Chicago.

The majority of guns used in commission of crimes originate outside Chicago and Cook County. But, besides the fact that loose or nonexistent gun laws from various of states is driving Chicago's Gun Crime what's the underlying force behind the Chicago shootings; Criminal activity, gang identification, and territory disputes, mainly surrounding the drug business. This is no different than the criminal activity surrounding the Italian Mobs of Chicago and New York, the Irish Mobs in Boston and Cleveland. But, Italian and Irish people have earned enough white points so reactionary right-wingers don't ascribe the actions of a few criminals to the entire people the way they do for African-Americans.

But, worse than the racist politics of conservatives is the way the Gun Humping Fanatics have taken over the issue of Gun Control. The favorite youtube video of Gun Nuts is: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.

There is a kernel of reactionary right-wingers who are convicned that every mass shooting is a black ops Obama led conspiracy to talk their precious guns from them. Scarlett Lewis, a mother of the one of the Newton murdered school children recent released a book about her pain and struggle. The Amazon reviews by the gun nut trolls are just horrific.

For instance:
  • This book is a fun read if you want a good laugh, or just to observe the pathetic lies about JessiLewis, a fictional death to push the Democrat's gangster/communist policy coup attempt to destroy the Constitution.
  • Sandy Hook NEVER happened!! The FBI ADMITTED that it never happened!! Is this book supposed to be real?? What a joke!!!
  • Sandyhook has been proven to be a 100% FRAUD. This was a false government sponsored psychological operation used to erode the rights of American Citizens. This lady did not write this book. This is propaganda that is being used to perpetuate a false narrative.
  • This woman is a liar no child died at Sandy hook. Sandy hook is a hoax, it was staged. Go watch "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" and pay attention. SANDY HOOK WAS A STAGED HOAX NO ONE DIED!
  • Lies and propaganda, no children died at Sandy hook!
I could continue but there are 10 pages of these types of "reviews" from Firearm Fucking Fanatics, read them.

But, they buttress a point about laws. You do not let the most extreme elements drive Gun Laws. Nor do you let those whose interests lie in making as many weapons as possible craft gun laws. And contrary to the bluster of Right-Wingers there are various laws which could have an impact on these mass shootings, they just don't know about them because Republicans at the behest of the Gun Makers Lobby quietly kill those laws in State and Federal Government,

In 2005 George W(orst President Ever) Bush backed by the Republican Controlled House and Senate passed Legislation making Gun Manufacturers immune to Lawsuits for their Negligence.

In 2011 Republicans in Illinois, in direct opposition to the health and safety of their constituents, voted to put guns in the hands of Terrorists:
Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.  
In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.
Connecticut lawmakers, in March 2011, tried to ban the magazines used by the Newton Murderer.

In 2014, Alan Colmes interviewed South Carolina Senate candidate Lee Bright and asked Bright if Teachers should have "machine guns". Bright responded that a teacher "protecting school grounds" should carry whatever "she" can. When asked specifically if that meant "machine guns", Bright responded, "The Second Amendment is pretty clear. It says the right to carry arms should not be infringed... I don’t see how the government can regulate it."

Supreme Court Warren Burger, a conservative appointed to Chief Justice by Richard Nixon, said of the idea that the second amendment confers an individuals right to own a gun, 
"the second amendment has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, ever perpetrated on the American public by an interest group in my lifetime."
Molon Labe: Guns aren't going anywhere and until We, the People do something about them, Firearm Fucking Gun Nuts are going to continue murdering Americans.

After each and every incident the gun humping fanatics have perfected the argument of the loud voice and the angry red face, after every shooting, they swarm the internet and just scream, 'AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!' ''AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!' 'AHHHHH!', until everyone just stops commenting and the other pressing matters in our daily lives take our attention away.

But, the Gun Humpers attention is never diverted they await every new mass shooting to swarm yet again. The murder on-air of a blonde newcaster and a cameraman, caused only a temporary ripple in the rushing torrent of Gun Nut Screams and the Howls of the NRA.

Guns will destroy us, unless we refocus and destroy them.


One Fly said...

Of course yes on this Gene. To continue would be the same refrain from me so I'll just say that there is no one being killed by guns in and around Vallarta. Plus people smile a lot and that's nice too.

Destroy? Very possibly! Bad part is to make change will be next to impossible and if these simple fucks think their "rights" are being taken away they WILL kill to protest.

If this shit wasn't so absurd it would be laughable.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene - I always learn something from your writing; thank you for this.

Grung_e_Gene said...

We've allowed the insane gun humping fanatics to control the debate and we are all suffering from their delusions and outright lies. The last man killed by this latest, but certainly not last mass shooter, was a 3-time Iraq War Vet.

One Fly said...

After the theater shooting just up the road in Aurora/Denver there were a couple minor laws passed and the gun crazy's recalled two legislators from Pueblo very quickly.

I was a bit surprised actually. They were not in my district. Plus from what I read the sob made him beg before he killed him.

The open carry is just plain fucking idiotic but there is no listening to reason with this issue.

This incident possibly could open the door to a discussion about that but again doubtful much would come of it.

Hasn't happened yet but if I'm somewhere and there a person with a gun and he's not police I'm outta there in protest.

Grung_e_Gene said...

OneFly, we're faced with a double problem. If the Colorado open carry murderer was black Cops would have responded, no doubt probably set up a perimeter and had weapons out, but because he was white there wasn't even a Dispatch. As you note you see a person with a gun get outta there. I recommend to everyone that they see a man with a gun they bolt, don't pay your check, don't sit and watch the circus but get out of there as if your life depended on it because it probably does.

Anonymous said...

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous, Why would you want your ex-husband back? And no reputable spell-caster has email, they are contacted by more esoteric means!

XDsteel said...

Come and take it.

Grung_e_Gene said...

And you come here and confirm the title of my post.

XDsteel said...

..why do none of the surrounding states - where gun laws are much less restrictive - have anything approaching the crime problems that the progressive paradise of Chicago does? Anyone?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Do you mean Gary, Indiana? Or perhaps you think some nearby state has the same population as Chicago and the surrounding collar counties? Were you one of those RightWingers who believed Iraq want that dangerous because of Shootings in Chicago?