Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Suicide of GI Joe Gliniewicz

I was very nearly ordered months back to be part of the "Honor" Guard, which drew Police Officers from across the country, for fallen Fox Lake Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz. Due to my misgivings about Gliniewicz, I did not want to attend or be associated in anyway with the detail and fortunately two more senior Officers took the detail.

At the time of the incident, I had my suspicions about the "homicide" of Lt Gliniewicz. But, many Police Officers, including some I work with, took this as more evidence in the War on Cops aided by the villianous President Barack Obama and the thuggish #BlackLivesMatter movement. Thus, everyone rushed to quickly deify Gliniewicz and he was showered with honors and his family with monies.

Sadly today, Lake County Authorities announced Gliniewicz took his own life and staged a false crime scene, to cover his suicide.

While Gliniewicz created a crime scene designed to appear as though three suspects had attacked him and shot him with his own weapon there were holes and inconsistencies which became apparent and undercut the belief it was a homicide.

Why had his squad car sat for nearly 20 minutes at the location prior to him calling off he was investigating 3 suspicious persons (2 white males and 1 black male) in the area.

If there was a fight why were there no key-ups? I've been in my share of on duty fights with suspects (and others) and once you hear the intermittent key-ups you know a 10-10 is in progress.

I know two fellow Officers, NIPAS team members, who were on scene that day and the fatal wound on Gliniewicz was difficult to explain. The working theory was that after having fought with and taken Gliniewicz's gun from him, they shot him once in the chest (causing him to double over) before luckily placing the final shot downwards behind his outer vest carrier at the neck.

Officers conducting a search of the nearby marsh-lands reportedly began to "fall-out" and tear up their uniforms within 10 minutes of searching in the swampy area. 3 perps running from the scene would have shredded themselves or been so bogged down as to quit running outright.

Tracking K-9's had no hits and developed no leads from the scene of the incident.

But, nonetheless the FBI and Major Crimes Task Force investigated the incident as a homicide. Until Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd spoke at a news conference a few days later that he was not going to rule the death a homicide.

And that's when all the rumors began to circulate. One of the worst was Gliniewicz had engaged in indecent illegal behavior with children in his Fox Lake Young Police Explorers club.

Another 3 a.m. theory was Gliniewicz was involved in theft and fraud with the former Fox Lake Police Chief Mike Behan, who had hastily retired amidst allegations of official misconduct along with another Fox Lake Officer, and the three had met out there to discuss options when Gliniewicz was ambushed and killed in order to keep him quiet.

While a Hollywood Style Dirty Cop scenario didn't happen, it appears Gliniewicz took his own his life because he was stealing. Thousands of pages of documents reveal GI Joe was embezzling funds from his Police Explorer's group and was worried that Fox Lake Village Administrator Anne Marrin was about to be uncover his criminal activity.

Betrayal is the word used by many about this incident and the entirety of Charles Joseph Gliniewicz's life and death.

Besides his years long con and thievery, the worst aspect of Gliniewicz's "carefully staged suicide" is the danger he put fellow his officers in, he risked the lives of his so-called brothers-in-blue and even worse  he put the three innocent men he tried to frame for his "murder" in danger of being killed.

The "suspcious" two whites and a black men could very easily have been gunned down by a righteous Police Officer seeking "justice" and those individuals were idnetified and questioned.

But, now the focus has shifted to his complicit wife and eldest son and it seems highly probable that both knew about GI Joe's thefts and most likely were engaged in the scams as well.

This who debacle also reflects so badly on the Police and authorities. Some of this information revealed was known back then how could they in good conscience go forward with that sham of a Parade and Funeral Ceremony?


W. Hackwhacker said...

... and another heavily- flogged Fox "News" War on Cops storyline comes a-cropper.

Grung_e_Gene said...

What's actually most despicable about Gliniewicz the criminal is he won't suffer the character assassination every murdered unarmed black man does at the hands of the evil conservative media establishment. Even though he's demonstrably more of a criminal than any of those murdered individuals.