Friday, November 27, 2015

A Conservative Domestic Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood but, remember this Fundamental Truth; Blacks are Criminals, Muslims are Terrorists, Whites are Neither. (Updated)

Note: I began this post before the white male Terrorist Attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. As I type this, the right-wing christian white male domestic terrorist armed with an AK-47, is holed up in the lobby of the Planned Parenthood apparently having been confronted by Police Officers, whom he attempted to murder after they disrupted his plan to commit another conservative domestic terrorist attack.
Chicago releases video footage of the murder of Laquan McDonald by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke in 2014, a totally unjustified shooting and the right-wing reaction is to deflect and justify the shooting. There is literally no killing of a black person that Faux News and conservative will not defend and support.

A foundational building block of Conservatism is white people are Real America, and every advance by minorities is taken from the American Zero-Sum Pie, reducing the power/influence/undeserved status of white people. It's why conservatives don't push back when Donald Trump tweets out Neo-Nazi Propaganda claiming blacks kill 85% of Americans.

When "whites" commit crimes it's because of some demonic outside force, e.g. Video Games and Violent Movies (which is code for Hollywood and Jews), naughty lyrics in rap music (dastardly black culture influence), mental illness, liberal schooling, and so forth. Thus, we can conclude the virtuous white person was corrupted. Whereas, Muslims are Terrorists because of their religion and Blacks are criminals because of their culture and upbringing. That they are impure due to their inherent nature.

That Muslims are Terrorists/Blacks are Criminals is a fundamental core belief of conservatives. It's why conservatives are so ready to accept every manufactured Faux News "criminal" scandal of the Obama Presidency. Barack Obama is ipso facto a criminal based on his blood, skin color, and upbringing.

Many right-wing institutions, books, toxic radio, and conservative news sites exist to defend and advance this narrative. Conservative react to every shooting by referencing Chicago, as though that is the only place in the United States affected by gun violence. Faux News and conservatives justify every shooting of a black person by Police, and every incident of right-wing rage (i.e. Cliven Bundy Insurrection, The Dylann Roof Terrorist Attack in South Carolina) is in reality the fault of President Obama.

Conservatives don't call the criminal incidents of white male rage "terrorism" because they fundamentally agree with the actions. Now, right-wingers may denounce the attacks but more often than not they obliquely justify the action by denouncing a tangential or unrelated issue, such as blaming government regulations for the murder of Eric Garner in Long Island instead of blaming the white police officer applying a choke hold for a business offense.

Domestic Terrorism by conservatives has been on the rise since President Obama's inauguration and will continue until he's out of office. At that time either the conservative domestic terror sleeper cells will go dormant or they will pivot towards misogyny and continue their campaign of violence against America.

Update 1:
The right-wing domestic terrorist surrendered to Law Enforcement. One Police Officer and One citizen have died from his attack. Hopefully, none of the others wounded by this conservative criminal will succumb to their wounds. Now, all that remains is for Faux News and Republicans to minimize this incident and deflect as much blame onto President Obama and Planned Parenthood as possible.

Seriously, Congressman Adam Kinzinger was brought onto CNN to demand the Director of Planned Parenthood apologize, justify the shooters actions because of the "barbaric videos" conservatives have allegedly seen and then proclaim if the shooting was at Planned Parenthood it's because of mental illness.

Update 2:
Colorado Springs is a hotbed of conservative insanity with the Air Force Academy and Focus on the Family being located there. But, no doubt the recent lie-a-thon by Congress, especially Congressman Jason Chaffetz and all the other bloated fat ass white Republican men attacking Planned Parenthood with outright false manufactured information convinced this right-wing domestic terrorist he had to do something.

Update 3:
This is the second mass shooting by a crazed white male gunman in Colorado Springs inside a month. Just 4 weeks earlier Noah Harpham, paraded around with his M-16 brandishing the weapon, his neighbor called 911 only to be informed snidely that Colorado has Open-Carry Laws before Harpham murdered 3 people and was gunned down himself.


One Fly said...

like always with this what I've seen is nothing but speculation. wonder if he was open carrying? assume PPH was the target and still is as think he's in there yet and it's cooold outside.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I think the Officers didn't blithely look aside and confronted him before he was able to fully implement his domestic terror attack.

The Blog Fodder said...

Wasn't the release of a study on right-wing terrorist organizations blocked by congress?

Grung_e_Gene said...

@The Blog Fodder,
The department of Homeland Security study of 2009 on the rise of conservative domestic terrorism was met with anger and threats of violence by conservative domestic terrorism and had to be shelved because it too accurately described what's been happening in the US, i.e. right wing domestic terrorism is responsible for the most American deaths.

One Fly said...

In respect to your update - of course it did!!

Gene have heard if this killer was open carrying?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh no, One Fly every media organization has to tip-toe around this incident of right-wing terrorism acting as though we don't know motivation of this murderous conservative criminal.

Nan said...

I knew the Colorado shooter was white when I heard the news reader on NPR say simply that the police had "a suspect in custody." The clues? A -- no mention of race or ethnicity, just "a suspect." B. The suspect was still breathing.

Then I saw the mugshots on Facebook and it was clear which way the narrative was going to go: demented loner with a history of craziness, no relation whatsoever to the long history of right-wing terrorism regarding Planned Parenthood and women's reproductive rights. Some things never change.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Nan, Jason Chaffetz and the Republicans that attacked Planned Parenthood with lies and bogus videos have blood on their hands, it's time we start demanding every mass shooting in America is investigated ala Benghazi.

One Fly said...

Where are you Gene?