Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter protesters targeted and shot by Conservatives in Minneapolis (Updated)

Back in July, I pointed out that the Conservative Media Machine was preparing to target and destroy the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The summer and early autumn witnessed the declaration by Faux News that #BlackLivesMatter was a Terrorist Organization and the right-wing incestuous internet sucked in the emissions and dutifully regurgitated it to their conservative drones.

Well, the Summer of demonization has moved into the Autumn of outright violence,
Five protesters were shot late Monday night near the Black Lives Matter encampment at the Fourth Precinct police station in north Minneapolis, according to police. 
Those who were shot sustained non-life-threatening injuries, said police spokesman John Elder in a statement. 
Miski Noor, a media contact for Black Lives Matter, said “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.” 
One of the three counterdemonstrators wore a mask, said Dana Jaehnert, who had been at the protest site since early evening. 
When about a dozen protesters attempted to herd the group away from the area, Noor said, they “opened fire on about six protesters,” hitting five of them. Jaehnert said she heard four gunshots. 
The shootings occurred at 10:45 p.m. on Morgan Avenue N. about a block north of the precinct station.
Not, that this will soften the right's position on #Blacklivesmatter. In fact, I would predict most conservative sites will proclaim the BLM protestors have been asking for it, or they threatened the White Supremacists, while Alex Jones and his Acolytes declare this to be a False Flag Operation. And Conservatives will comfortably slide right back into their unrestrained bigotry and rabid racism.

When BLM began to protest Bernie Sanders many liberals and Bernie Bros pouted BLM should be protesting at Republican Rallies. I often pointed out black people were too smart to do this because they knew at best they would be forcibly removed and at worst, beaten, imprisioned or killed. In fact, conservatives and every Republican running for President are quite comfortable with Polcie Officers killing black people because they believe being black is prima facie evidence of being a criminal.

Now, on the heels of Donald Trump's White Power Supporters beating a single #BlackLivesMatter protester and then Trump and others in his campaign justifying it, we now have this shooting in Minnesota. This is not surprising because the majority of Conservatives are racist neo-confederates and white power domestic terrorists.

As if to prove the Minnesota Republican Party is comprised of racists who support the shooting of 5 BLM protesters by conservative domestic terrorists, the Minnesota GOP 7th Congressional District tweeted out their complaints about the #Negroproblem.


One Fly said...

that pretty much covers it

Grung_e_Gene said...


Two arrests made of suspects, and the Minneapolis Twitter Feed is exploding with conservative bigots declaring the poor right-wing domestic terrorists were attacked first and were engaged in self-defense. Exactly, as I predicted.

There litterally is no murder or shooting of a black person in America which conseravtives will not defend as justified.

One Fly said...

There was a fellow shot and killed a block from my house back in Colorado. The two that did it were in a car wreck and one was killed. Two shot in Raton 60 down the road. Another two shot and killed up in Pueblo and you can damn well bet there were some shot up there in right wing jesus gun land Colorado Springs. The drug dealers across the street this summer. The drug dealers down my alley three houses. 3000 pop.

In my life never have I been around this level of violence - fucking never and I do not like it and am going to try and move over to the west side of the divide. Monetarily that will be hard to do.

Nobody is being shot or maimed in other ways in and around Puerto Vallarta. Nor does anyone have to worry because you are safe plain and simple. SAFE! That's real nice.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yikes, One Fly be careful! I'm not looking forward to this work weekend as Chicago has to release the dashcam footage of the apparent murder of Laquan McDonald by CPD Officer Jason Van Dyke.

One Fly said...

saw it last night - doesn't look tooooo good. be careful!