Thursday, August 27, 2015

Guns and Pot are for White People only

Guns are a Natural Right which belongs only to White People. The only Gun Control which will be instituted in this Country will be for persons of color and muslims.

The latest Senational Shooting (Note: I did not watch any video I will not watch any associated video) was perpetrated by a Black Man, as he murdered two former white colleagues On Air, while wounding another woman. The Killer also separately recorded the killings and posted them to Social Media before taking his own life. Immediately the Right-Wing Internet Wurlitzer went into Outrage Mode over the Race Murder as Breitbart called it. Gun Maniacs immediately took to their platforms to call for the arming of Reporters.

Of course, Gun Nuts are always primed for the next shooting, so that they can get ahead of the calls for Gun Control and shut down debate. But, they needn't bother.

The Gun Control Debate is finished in this country. The observation that Gun Control effectively ended after We, as a People decided killing 20 Children at Sandy Hook in Connecticut was acceptable is absolutely correct. But, there is the possibility rabid reactionary right-wingers might be able to disarm Minorities.

As such Conservatives have taken it upon themselves to restrict access to Muslims. Mainly these incidents (A, B, C, D) appear to be political theater. But, they serve as a reminder of what Take Back America and Make America Great Again actually mean.

It's a demand by White People to be placed into Positions of Social Power again. To be assured of authority based on racial lines, with a egalitarian helpful government towards whites, ensuring a solid 30 year job and educational advances for their children, while actively suppressing progressive gains for The Other.

This is sometimes called Natural Rights, by on-line Conservatives who want to appear intelligent and educated as they try to claim to be more than just pawns of the Rich and Powerful doing the bidding of their Plutocratic Masters. However, just as with the use of the label Classical Liberal, it's a cover term for White Supremacy (not all White Supremacists are Conservative but all Conservatives are White Supremacists). And the whine of white conservatives who are upset the Government and the 1% have broken the White Power Social Contract with them.

When a Gun Nut marches around brandishing a weapon next to a school, or little league baseball field, or in an airport, the white male (cause it's always a middle-aged white guy) is relying on the tacit White Power Social Contract. He isn't a criminal (that's the blacks), he isn't a terrorist (that's the muslims).

Additionally, while Pot has being decriminalized completely in Washington and Colorado and partially in many other States, don't be an unarmed black person killed by a murderous white gun maniac because then the fact you have cannabis in your "system" will be used by the Racist Right-Wing Media to smear you after your death. Because after the Police or self-appointed Watch Captains, gun down an Unarmed Black Person, the first thing to be released is a toxicology report for the dead.

Right-Wing Reactionary Assholes have been demonizing Black and Brown people for a hundred years over the demon weed.

A century ago, William Randolph Hearst used his media empire to publish article after article that Cannabis made Blacks and Mexicans violent, while also emboldening them to look askew at White Women.

Today, Rupert Murdoch and the Right-Wing Media uncritically publish every Police Department's report which declares the unarmed black person killed by Police Officers had Cannabis in their system, giving the black Super-Powers to Shrug off bullets, thus exonerating the Police.

For a group who declares Real Americans can't trust the Government conservatives greedily swallow every Report and every Acquittal of Criminal Cops. However, this becomes easy to understand when one realizes that Conservatives love when Police Officers murder black people.

Because, the underlayment of every Conservative argument, every conservative internet website, every on-line right-wing story is an ardent longing for America of Yesteryear, in which Whites were in Charge and the Nation, Government, City and County were aligned to support White People from the Cradle to the Grave.


Winnie said...

A black will never say “ALL LIVES MATTER”! Or POLICE LIVES MATTER”! Only BLACK lives matter! What these politicians did to our police forces is pathetic. The police cannot uphold the law in fear of a lawsuit or jail. Then these same politicians want to take away our guns leaving us as open targets for these criminals . Then we have cities like NYC changing their laws to satisfy these hoodlums. An example taking away “Stop & Frisk” which is now backfiring because crime is going up. We also have a bias President who caused this division, starting with the Cambridge Massachusetts case with that nutty black professor Henry Louis Gates and Obama going against the police saying they “Acted Stupidly”. We also had to put up with that racist pig in the DOJ Eric {CONTEMPT} Holder. This is how we ended up in this turning point with blacks against the police, because our Gov’t condones it.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

Pot in a Black person's system is proof that when shot dead they were "berserking". FYI to Winnie, according to recent Rasmussen poll, 69 percent of Black people, when asked which statement was closer to their own views - "black lives matter" or "all lives matter" - chose "all lives matter". But thinking Blacks are the "real racists" (who think only black lives matter) is part and parcel to the Conservative view of Blacks as the other.

The police did act stupidly in arresting Henry Louis Gates IN HIS OWN HOME. But it was his fault for being Black. And there is no evidence of Eric Holder being racist... except for him being Black. Same goes for president Obama. He "caused this division"... by being Black.

Stop and frisk is unconstitutional, btw. Although, since is was mainly young Black men being stopped and harassed (for being Black), Conservatives are OK with the harassment. We're only talking about the rights of Black hoodlums after all.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Dervish, thanks for your factual takedown of Winny. But, you need not have bothered. Her type is unmoved by facts and data.

Black Lives Matter is important because you can immediately see the rush by so conservatives to destroy the movement. The reason it isn't All Lives Matter is because we don't have a spate of unarmed white or asian people being shot to death by Police in non-life threatening situations.

Stop & Frisk does indeed violate the 4th Amendment as well as not reaching the even the level of Terry v. Ohio.

As to Professor Skip Gates, the Right lauded and supported Cliven Bundy and his band of Violent Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists and their plan to MURDER Law Enforcement Officers. But, unquestioningly support every use of violence against Blacks.

There is a common thread amongst Conservatives today, which Winny illustrates for us. They abhor and denounce the Government unless the Government is using its' awesome power to oppress and kill black people. Or Gay People. Or Occupy Protesters.