Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Obama thinks he's better than McKinley!

"Denali... the great one, soaring under the midnight sun." - Sarah Palin (I prefer William Shatner's spoken word rendition of Palin's word salads) 
The Right-Wing outrage machine is the cure to the world's energy crisis. It never stops and is powered by nothing.

Over at NationalReview you can catch a whiff of the insanity which permeates all levels of the American Right-Wing. But, there are numerous posts in the incestous right-wing internet bubble, which have generated a limitless supply of conservative vitriol and hate.

It doesn't matter that Alaskans wanted to return to the mountain to it's original name, it doesn't matter that President McKinley never set foot on the mountain, it doesn't matter that the only reason Denali wasn't renamed 30 years ago was a Parlimentary procedural move by a single Ohio Republican in Congress, it doesn't matter that Congress delegated to the Department of the Interior the authority to make this decision over 60 years ago.

No, the only thing that matters is getting conservatives frothing at the mouth, taking to their keyboards to rage amongst themselves, to decry King Obama, to make oblique threats, to cross reference one another's rage while their political Masters, the Republican Party, feeds their violent stupidity and active ignorance


One Fly said...

That should piss somebody off but it won't.

Jay said...

If Denali means "the Great One", would the right wing be happier if we just named it Mt. Gleason?

In fact, that is my own private name for Denali as of this moment. Mt. Gleason, the Great One himself. Yup.

Grung_e_Gene said...

And now King Obama is loping off 10 feet of McKinley as Denali 's official height had been revised down to 20,310 feet.

BadTux said...

As we speak Donald Trump is undoubtedly promising to *personally* carry a 10 foot tall boulder to the top of McKinley in order to reverse the decision of the Kenyan usurper to make it shorter.

There was a ridiculous meme going around on Facebook saying that Denali is Kenyan for "Black Power". So let me get this straight. In 1975, a 14 year old Barry Obama took time off from his freshman year of high school, and via magic negro mojo somehow forced the Alaska legislature in 1975 to vote to rename the mountain to "Black Power" in some imaginary language that doesn't exist (there is no such language as "Nigerian"), and then spent the next 40 years biding his time until he could become President and make it official? Uhm, these asswipes need to put down the meth pipes. Just sayin'.

Grung_e_Gene said...

We just passed the 114 Anniversary of William McKinley's Assassination and it's important to remember that Modern Conservatives most likely support McKinley because under his Presidency thousands of Filipinos were water boarded, known then as the so-called "Water Cure", and Conservatives Love the Use of Torture.

Dervish Sanders said...

BadTux: There was a ridiculous meme going around on Facebook saying that Denali is Kenyan for "Black Power".

I did hear that. If true it's pretty fricking hilarious.

BadTux said...

Of course, that's because when Obama speaks, this is all that the tighty righties hear, regardless of the subject: