Monday, September 7, 2015

Questions Mount in The Death of Fox Lake Police Officer Joe Gliniewicz

Update:I've sat on this for a while, but now that the
news media is reporting on it, there are mounting questions concerning whom exactly is responsible for the Death of Joe Gliniewicz. Because of the failures with the search for the suspects and internal investigations involving the Fox Lake Chief, the on-going investigation has not ruled out suicide or, even worse, Blue-on-Blue murder. I can only hope no Fox Lake Officer was involved but, as the media digs it's becoming frighteningly possible that this was not the murder we thought it was.

Today was the funeral procession for slain Fox Lake Police LT Charles Joesph Gliniewicz. Over 1000 Police Vehicles and several thousand police officers attended. You know who wasn't there?  Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Racist Limbaugh, Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, or any of the Faux News bigots or right-wing internet trolls.

Because LT Joe Gliniewicz's murderous assailants don't fit the race baiting narrative the right wing media is attempting to craft. See 2 of the 3 suspects, obliquely referred to in this Washington Times article as Suspicious Men (without a description), are white.

So, it runs counter to the ratfucking of #BlackLivesMatter and the War on Cops narrative the Incestuous Right-Wing Media is trying to create.

It's the same reason Faux News and the Right-Wing Media didn't proclaim the War on Cops when conservative second amendment heroes Jerad and Amanda Miller killed 2 Police Officers in Las Vegas declaring, "This is the beginning of the revolution!" or when Richard Poplawski assassinated 3 Pittsburgh Officers in 2009 because he feared President Obama's Coming Gun Ban.

Conservatives don't care about Joe Gliniewicz. All they care about is using the deaths of Police Officers to advance the Right-Wing Agenda of Oppression and Intolerance. What they support is the Legal System of Law & Order; the use of Police Power and Authority to Oppress and Advance White Supremacy.

On-Line Conservatives have rushed to demand President Obama denounce the attacks on Police Officers, pointing out Barack made comments after Trayvon Martin's death. When the President's numerous comments denouncing the attacks are referenced, right-wing internet scolds cry 'Bullshit!' because it undermines what they desparately want to believe.

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Dervish Sanders said...

The RW wants desperately to discredit BLM, which explains why all the RW media outlets jumped on a recent deceptive Rasmussen poll that sez even African Americans aren't with BLM. They prefer "all lives matter" too, doncha know? Because "Black lives matter" is racist.