Thursday, August 6, 2015

In 2016, Jeb! Bush would like Women and Old People to go away while Republicans hope to bring back Slavery

Jeb! is very angry his brother, forever known as the Worst President in American History, only destroyed a few hundred thousand American Families. So, John Ellis Bush is going to do to Millions of Americans what his brother did to Millions of Iraqis.

Jeb! like all Republicans, is mad the Government helps the Sick and Old, "as it relates to Medicare" Jeb! believes "we need to figure out a way to phase out this program for others and move to a new system"...

Now, Jeb! as the heir apparent is setting his Party's sights on hurting Women as well, because he and the Republican Party are "not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues".

2016 is their chance. A Republican President can secure the Supreme Court for another 25 years. Add in their gerrymandered Congressional Districts securing them more Representatives with less votes, they can enshrine unfair voting practices. And the stage will be set.

Because Republicans see 2016 as the time when they can finally murder the New Deal and grind Working Class Americans into crushing Poverty and Wage Slavery. With Jeb! or some other Plutocratic Drone in the White House, the Republicans will transition Social Security into Wall Street hands, were it will be slowly siphoned off until one day there will be no more SSI, at least for old and disabled people, Vulture Capitalists like Mitt Romney will enjoy the Billions swindled from Americans.

Jeb! or the other Right-Wing hatchet man elected President will phase out Medicare until one day Republicans can simply tell sick and dying elderly people to clip coupons and line up for discount healthcare coverage day while, Americans are denied medical coverage every other day of the year.

The meager food assistance and medicaid provided currently for Poor Americans? Eliminated completely. Sick Days? FMLA? Holidays? Weekends? Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone...

A Republican President in 2016 will turn back America 200 years, to those glorious days of Bondage. American Workers will be crushed into Penury, worked harder than Medieval Serfs and treated as poorly as Chattel. 

Republicans are always screaming Slavery! Slavery! Slavery! during election ads and debates. The reason it so readily comes to their mouths, is because it is on the forefront of their minds. The Republican Party's goal is nothing less than recreation of Slavery. 

When Republicans talk about taking America Back, the America they want to take us back to is one in which a group of insanely wealthy individuals made vast fortunes by stealing generations of labor and years of wealth.


Jerry Critter said...

A republican presidency is the greatest threat our country is currently facing, greater than any terrorist organization or rogue country.

Sarge said...

I am now back on blogspot at River City Patriot.

And, I agree with you. I like Bernie...