Monday, August 24, 2015

Cameras in Nursing Homes might have cost Bruce Rauner the Governor's Race

Much of Bruce Rauner's fortune was made from stealing from public employee pensions and from swindling older people.

But, his worst instance of Vulture Capitalism was purchasing nursing homes and setting them up as elder abuse warehouses. Rauner and his Hedge Fund Firm GTCR swooped in and purchased Nursing Homes because a Balanced Budget Law, passed by Congressional Republicans, changed the way Medicare funds were dispersed. The tragedy, misery and tales of criminal actions enabled by Rauner ad his minions were heartbreaking, unless you're a Conseravtive, because right-wingers revel in hurting sick and old people.

Rauner, like all Vulture Capitalists, makes nothing. What the Vultures do is set upon some industry or sector and pick it clean. In Florida Nursing Homes, Rauner slashed budgets, eliminated nurses and healthcare staff and left the elderly inside to die slowly so he could extract maximum profit with a minimum of expense.

Now, as Governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner has just signed a Cameras inside Nursing Homes Law. Of course, Rauner didn't originate this law, Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan sponsored this bill which would allow residents and family members of those in nursing homes install (at their expense) cameras inside the rooms.

If Governor Rauner had found a way to veto this bill as too burdensome on businesses I'm certain he would have exercised that option.

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