Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Republicans hate and wish violence upon Teachers

Of course, Republicans hate Teachers, the profession is mainly comprised of strong independent women, a group by and large which is anathema to the Monstrous Conservative Id which is consuming their Party.

In late 1675, King Charles II of England moved to outlaw Coffee Houses as dens of sedition and sappers of workmen's energies;
[M]any Tradesmen and others, do therein misspend much of their time, which might and probably would otherwise be imployed in and about their Lawful Callings and Affairs; but also, for that in such Houses diverse False, Halitious and Scandalous Reports are devised and spread abroad, to the Defamation of His Majestie’s Government...
King John Kasich of Ohio has a similar plan with Teacher's Lounges,
"So if I were, not president, but if I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers' lounges, where they sit together and worry about, 'Woe is us.'"
It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious to observe the morphing of the Republican Party into its' direct opposite now that the Republicans are and wholly owned and operated by the Plutocracy and support Absolutism and the Rule of the Few.

But, it was the first part of Kasich's comment which revealed why King John of Ohio would move to eliminate Teacher's Lounges
"I’ll tell you what the unions do, unfortunately too much of the time. There’s a constant negative comment, ‘They’re going to take your benefits, they’re going to take your pay,'"
Of course, Kasich's comment is ironic because that is, in fact, what he and every other Republican is trying to do. Kasich as the quiet underdog, whom many in the RNC hope will emerge from the tRump Ordeal as the next genial Republican bumpkin President has been as much of a Plutocratic bully, seeking to impose Conservative Agenda of Oppression, Intolerance, and Adulation of the Rich upon the United States for the last 25 years, as any other Republican.

Modern Teachers Unions are powerful, one of the last powerful Unions in existence and Unions are the last group who rountinuely stands up to the Rich. The NEA (and sister organizations) are well organized for such large groups, so, naturally the Republicans, as Guard Dogs of the Rich and Champions of Misogyny, spit hatred and wish violence upon them.

The also-ran Republican Candidates for President see the monstrous Conservative Id released by Donald Trump and recognize they need to feed the beast in order to have a chance at stealing the Presidency.

Tough-Guy wannabe Chris Christie, has no chance of being President in 2016. Christie, who looked so formidable in 2012, with Koch Brother backing, flamed out just like the other famous nazi gasbag in his State. Whatever Oppo Research Mitt Romney unearthed in 2012 and the despicable misuse of his Office in ordering the closure of the Fort Lee Lanes on the GW Bridge have burst his aspirations.

Nonetheless, faux tough guy Christie can still be counted upon to attack Teachers. When Jake Tapper asked Christie who on the national level deserves a punch in the face, without pausing Christie replied, "Oh the National Teachers Union..." Christie then placed the laurels upon his own head as he recounted his life & death struggles against Teachers since 2009, "I have got the scars to show it."

Fortunately, Christie has no chance at being either the President or Vice-President. Now, one of the real threats to win the nomination, after the Monster of Conservative Id Trump bows out having snookered a cool Billion in PAC donations, is Scott Walker.

Scott Walker earned his right-wing bona fides destroying Wisconsin Education and attacking Teachers Unions. Walker's entire tenure has been the enactment of the Plutocracy's Neo-Feudal Agenda;
  • When asked how he would turn Wisconsin into a Right-to-Work-For-Less State, Walker had no qualms about proclaiming he'd use "Divide and Conquer" tactics.
  • When asked how he'd deal with a Terrorist threat like ISIS, Walker noted, "If I can take on  100,000 protesters I can do the same across the world."
  • And in his most recent sham spectacle, Walker bristled with false swagger, telling a small group of protesters, "I will not be intimidated. I am not intimidated by you."
Thus, we can see Republican hatred of Teachers is a by product of the Plutocracy's Agenda for America; the Creation of the NeoFeudalist State. The destruction Unions is a prime goal of recreating the America of Yesterday the Rich crave; the America in which Wage Slaves are shackled into Corporate Bondage and the Political Parties use the Awesome Power of the Government to ensure the Social Darwnian Natural Order of Society.


W. Hackwhacker said...

Nelson Mandela said "An educated, enlightened and informed population is one of the surest ways of promoting the health of a democracy." I think that pretty well explains why the plutocrats and their Republican puppets are attacking the foundation of education in this country - teachers and their unions. A democracy is anathema to them.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes, W. Hack you're right Democracy is anathema to them. The People as a whole love Social Security, Unemployment, Medicare. The people hate wars. The people love higher wages.

The Rich hate the social safety net. It makes workers feel safe and possibly even comfortable instead of desperate. The Rich love WAR, it makes them richer while not endangering any of their family or friends.

And the Rich wholly own and operate the Republican Party.

Thanks for coming over and keep up the good work at Hackwhacker.