Monday, February 15, 2010

Center Right Front and Center

Coming of Age in the Plague of Reagan and Bush
Watching Capitalism gun down Democracy ~ Your Next Bold Move, Ani DiFranco
Democrats have won the Presidential Election Popular Vote in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2008. The only reason Bush managed to win in 2004 was because Redupelicans used Bush's Abject Failure of SEPTEMBER 11! Shouting it every time they could and frightening the evangelicals by making scary noises about Marriage and threatening them with catching TEH GAY.

As the election power of Screaming September 11 fades the Republicans fall back to the classic move of blaming their failures on the Democrats. Liz Cheney is the latest Republican, joining Dana Perino, Mary Matalin, Rudy Guiliani in claiming they weren't responsible for the failure of 9/11. [When is it no longer Bush's Fault?]

However, it's only a part of the Grand Strategy of the Republican Party. Republicans and Conservatives are engaged in a generations long struggle to create a set of facts which they can reference and continue the duping of their followers. From this set of facts, Redupelicans can continue to get Americans to vote against their interests.

It's a brilliant strategy. The constant repetition of the Center Right Republican truth, the false piety, the Talk Radio invective, the Fox News blather, the mass produced propaganda books (Liberals are Fascists! Liberals are Godless!) have allowed Republicans to steal the wealth of America and funnel Trillions of Dollars to their Corporate Controllers for over a 100 years.

However, the Right's greatest recent success has been in taking over the Texas State Board of Education which exert extreme influence over the information which goes into Nation-wide K to 12 Textbooks. With their school board power the Right has succeeded in reducing the age of the earth, highlighting the strengths of Creationism, glorifying Newt Gingrich for freeing the slaves, praising Phyllis Schlafly for saving American Women from the Perils of Learning and correcting the record of racist Republican Bigots who loved Martin Luther King Junior so much they wanted him to die to truly appreciate him.

Conservapedia, perhaps unsurprisingly started by Phyliss Schlafly's son and while widely panned and recognized as a joke has still garnered the support of the extremists on the right for their de-liberalization of the bible project; stating Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations. While this is absurd it's not what current people or Theologians believe but whether or not the Conservatives can brow-beat their children and future ones into accepting the Conservative Bible.

Both parties are made up of people who view themselves at the top of the American Social Stratification ladder; Especially when they reach the level of the Federal Government. And like all rich powerful self-important people they don't believe the regular laws apply to them, however, the Right shields and defends their members when they transgress because they view the exercise of political power as the highest good, when the Republicans are doing the exercising.

That way when the Bush unleashes the Smokin' Gun Mushroom Cloud lie and Dick Cheney simply states, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction, the Right is more than willing to believe those lies or if unable then to accept the Noble Lie Theory.

Unlike the bigots who suddenly emerged for fiscal responsibility when a black man became President, but looked the other way when Republicans stole Trillions, I will hold the Republican Party responsible for their lies.

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