Thursday, February 18, 2010

5/9ths of SCOTUS got it Wrong

80% of Americans don't like the decision of 5 Extremist Corporatist Redupelican Judges who dutifully voted the way their Plutocratic Controllers wanted them to in the Citizens United Decision v. FEC.

Of course, what's to like when inhuman ever-living corporations chaired by super wealthy Bankers, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Corporate Kleptocrats can exert so much control over Us they get 5 Judges to bequeath them the power to use the Money they purloin from the US to craft the political Chains that Bind Us?

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As shown on Countdown with Keith Olbermann; Lobbyists have already crafted memorandums advising their Clients to not directly fund their political toadies but to set up 3rd Party fronts to hide their involvement in choosing our government. Here's the language from K&L Gates:
How will corporations likely take advantage of their opportunity to make independent political expenditures?

Just because a corporation may make an independent direct advocacy expenditure doesn't mean that it should. Since the entity or entities financing independent expenditures must be disclosed, a corporation leading the way against a particular candidate risks alienating a significant block of its potential customer or shareholder base. Moreover, upon the first major corporate-funded public communications airing, media coverage is likely to focus on the corporation's involvement in the campaign rather than the content of any advocacy.

Therefore, most corporations will probably proceed cautiously. If such independent expenditures are made, groups of corporations within an industry may form coalitions or use existing trade associations to support candidates favorable to policy positions that affect the group as a whole. While corporations that contribute to these expenditures might still be disclosed, this indirect approach can provide sufficient cover such that no single contributing entity receives the bulk of public scrutiny.

Corporations could further lower their profile in such cases by not making contributions specific to a particular expenditure by that third-party corporation. Such independent expenditures can also take the form of advertisements in "under-the radar" sources, such as ideologically-based talk radio, web-based ads or phone banks. Since state and local laws preventing corporate political expenditures will also likely be repealed as a result of Citizens United, small corporations may also become involved in state and local races through regional media.


Green Eagle said...

They did not "get it wrong," any more than they did when they made George W. Bush president. They committed a massive act of judicial corruption, which was the reason Republicans worked so hard to get them on the court in the first place.

Conservatives talk endlessly about their alleged antipathy to judicial activism, when they used their Supreme Court appointments to hand the country to corrupt criminals for eight years, and then completed their assignment by sanctioning the corporate devastation of our elections.

These five Supreme Court Justices, like their right wing friends, are nothing but criminals.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Of course, they didn't get it wrong from the standpoint of those who put them there for this very reason. But, as I'm sure you're aware because of your tireless devotion of wading into the slime filled Right Wing Extremist Wing Nut Blogs, the Redupelican Talking Points for the decision were this is actually free speech, which their vegetative followers dutifully branded upon their blogs.

The Republican strategy is working wonderfully and it's quite readily visible and transparent. Everything they claim the Left does is actually their Modus Operandi.

Good Wingnut wrapups lately BTW, GE...